Iranian-American Author’s Stories are ‘Coming Alive’ with Latest Release

Elnaz Moghangard makes her novel debut with Roya –– a coming-of-age story about a young Iranian-American woman confronting the shadows of her past in search of lion-hearted strength and the pursuit of dreams.

“The stars align for those who believe in the strength of a dream.” ––ROYA

As an Iranian-American woman, Elnaz sees the merging of these two identities as one of her greatest strengths. She believes storytelling is more than an art form—it is a way to bridge worlds.

As the Founder of Millennial Nomad LLC––a creative empowerment movement and podcast capturing the voice of the “wandering generation,” Elnaz is dedicated to empowering like minded peers with the power of storytelling and empathy. Her mission is clearly her passion in inciting
change and understanding of human rights through all levels of communication.

“I refer to myself as a human connector, because throughout my various pursuits, I have been responsible for communicating a narrative. My middle school career test told me I’d be a “basket weaver.” I can see why now. My greatest strength is looking for details, finding the patterns, and weaving them together for the bigger picture. I want to use the power of communication towards advocacy and positive, social impact,” explains Elnaz.

Besides Author, Elnaz boasts a myriad of professional clout that enables her message to resonate much farther—Trained as a Lawyer, Human Rights Advocate, Communication Strategist, Community Builder, and Digital Creator. She also has a background in International Relations,
Journalism, and Business Law from the University of Miami, as well as a Juris Doctor from George Washington Law School.