Southern Maine is where the comforts of Psychopath Etiquette can be found, and their debut EP – Rough Draft is the start of something new between brothers David and Paul Sprague, and they’re already working on the follow up during Covid-19 lockdown which finds some musicians holed up and working on their craft, and others taking a break from it all or throwing in the towel altogether in this crazy time of uncertainty. All there is to do is be positive and creative or let it bring you down, and without music it would be all the more hard to get through.


For ever emotion felt over the last six months I am sure you’ll find it covered in a song, and these new songs are no exception to that rule. “Trash (Treasure)” opens this marvelous collection of folk flavored rock tunes with something special to lead off with. And not being familiar with Psychopath Etiquette doesn’t make a difference because it’s their first outing together as brothers, so as an introduction it does the standard procedure of getting to know it like any other. The consensus is that it’s good and I am liking it with each spin as it goes.

“Life” on the other hand is a much more complex piece of work and takes a little more time to get used to but once you do it mingles well with the others and finds a home among them. The vocals sound undermixed compared to the opening track, but it’s also a much busier song with a lot of drums. And I found “All My Time” to be of a little lesser excitement for obvious reasons, but the two somehow goes together as if they were written one after the other. It just so happens to get even better.


The fun starts to rise up a little more with “Heart Vs. Head” making a clear and present effort to lighten things up and bring you more around to the music of these two brothers from Maine. This is one of those song where your heart and your head struggle for which road is best to travel down, and there is not one person who does not go through it. I find this to be one of the EP’s best tracks when it comes down to the full songwriting and playing team package. Top marks to David and Paul Sprague.

Garth Thomas