‘The era of StarWars is OVER. If we WANT peace on earth, It is time for StarPeace’.

Rosanna, Divine Grace channel aka RozyGlow, illuminates the power we have in shifting global consciousness through the entertainment industry.

The movie scene is packed with high intensity action movies, dramas, thrillers and chillers, as is the media. Anyone would think that we like to be stressed and scared when we goof off and relax.

What if, subconsciously, we do?

Adrenaline, commonly associated with excitement, it is also the hormone of fear, stress & anxiety.

 Neurological research tells us that, when it comes to stress, our brains cannot tell the difference between what is real and imagined. Our bodies respond as through what we consume with our senses is ‘real’. 

‘We can see how traumatised the world is, by what is popular in the entertainment and media. And this trauma starts way back in the womb.  How stressed our mothers were when pregnant, determines our own early addiction to adrenaline, drama and stress’ says Rosanna, an early influences expert.

As teens and adults, we subconsciously seek out the familiar hormone cocktail we were grown in- stress soup or love soup!

This puts us in an interesting place regarding ‘entertainment responsibility’. Do we wish to perpetuate trauma and struggle or support humanity to evolve beyond it?

We are even subliminally preparing women to have challenging conception, pregnancy, AND birth, by the way popular culture portrays them.

Art isn’t just what we put on the wall- it is what we colour our world with-, what creatives ‘channel’  from inspiration into  form- music, imagery, movies, TV…it is the world of make believe that we love to escape into.

 ‘You can only create from the level of consciousness you have- and this was determined FOR you, unless you have gone on a deep subconscious detox and upgrading journey’, which is what Rosanna guides her clients through.

‘Fear seems to sell more than love, but it doesn’t NEED to be this way. An addiction to the love hormone, Oxytocin, could be even MORE lucrative and free us from the cycle of passing down unprocessed trauma from one generation to the next.’

We are programmed to choose the familiar, even if it is uncomfortable- its our subconscious ‘wiring’.

And the subconscious is 90-95% more powerful that our ‘thinking’ mind. 

What we focus our attention on and KEEP focusing on, we manifest into our physical experience.- Law of Attraction in Action

What if movies are like ‘alternative timelines’ that become energised by viewer numbers?

Now flip this around. 

Imagine a world full of positive narratives, seeded into what we tune into for fun- music, movies, TV, books…

Art made from this level of consciousness WILL make the world a better place. 

Both as consumers AND creators of entertainment, we can have a hand in birthing the world of our dreams.

Change is in ALL of our hands.

As creatives it is worth considering- IF life imitates art, what do we want to create into being?

StarPeace is THE initiative for seeding positive narrative into the collective consciousness of humanity…are you ready to be part of the wave of change?

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