Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, the talented rap artist PHANTOM has taken the music scene by storm with his latest track, “Go Green Go White.” This infectious anthem has quickly become a beloved favorite among the Michigan State community, capturing the essence and vigor of the Spartans like never before.

Inspired by a memorable moment at a vibrant bar in East Lansing, where the DJ’s enthusiastic call, “GO GREEN GO WHITE,” sparked a burst of creativity in PHANTOM, the song pays homage to the Michigan State Basketball Team and its dedicated supporters. Fueled by a mix of passion, pride, and commitment, “Go Green Go White” has evolved beyond a mere song – it has become a unifying chant for Spartans far and wide.

What makes “Go Green Go White” stand out is its collaborative approach. PHANTOM collaborated with Michigan State students to craft a compelling chorus that brings fans together in their shared adoration for the team. By incorporating these voices, PHANTOM has turned the song into an anthem that deeply resonates with the Michigan State community.

From performing the track on the roof of the Fiji Frat house to captivating audiences at The Junction in East Lansing, PHANTOM has demonstrated that “Go Green Go White” is more than just music – it’s a movement. With its infectious energy and unwavering spirit, the song has become a symbol of pride for Michigan State enthusiasts and a testament to PHANTOM’s ability to connect profoundly with his listeners.

As the first rapper to dedicate a song to the Michigan State Basketball Team, PHANTOM has cemented his status as a true Spartan at heart. Through his music, he celebrates the fortitude, zeal, and camaraderie that define the Michigan State community, motivating fans to stand tall and cheer for their team with unwavering pride.

“Go Green Go White” is not just a song – it’s a proclamation of love for Michigan State, a celebration of togetherness, and a testament to the influential power of music in uniting people. With PHANTOM leading the way, Spartans everywhere can rally behind this anthem and showcase the world what it truly means to bleed green and white.

Listen to “Go Green Go White”:

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Join the movement, embrace the pride – PHANTOM’s anthem is here to unite Spartans everywhere.