“If you feel that you have begun, or are in the midst of a spiritual awakening, you should consider yourself lucky. Not everyone gets a chance to emerge from what I call a ‘sleepwalker trance’, and find themselves in a conscious state of lucid truth,” writes Ora Nadrich in her new book, titled Time to Awaken: Changing the World with Conscious Awareness. “It’s like taking off a pair of dark glasses to keep the sun out, and realize that you never needed to shield yourself from the light, your vision just needed to get stronger to handle its radiance…We go along with so many things that are unnatural, and accept them as normal, and before we know it, we’ve conformed to certain ways of living because it’s expected of us to do so, and what’s considered normal is not questioned.”

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It’s this kind of surprising thoughtfulness that makes Nadrich more than a decidedly homeopathic, spiritualist writer. While what she communicates might not be for everyone, for those who are initiated in this train of thought the book comes across as a welcome breath of fresh air. It’s harder to dismiss the belief system she swears by when real-life, real-world examples are on full display. Plus, some of what Nadrich talks about isn’t out-and-out spirituality or holism. It’s age-old wisdom, applicable in any context, to any scenario. “It is completely unnatural to be in a constant state of fear of viral contamination.

We have been living with viruses since the beginning of time, so why would we allow this particular virus to keep us in a state of fear that seems never ending. Again, be mindful of asking questions because once you readily accept what is being told to you, you allow yourself to be controlled by those who will tell you what they think is best for you to stay alive, and before you know it, you will find yourself doing things that literally defy logic, and not even know that you are,” she writes. “…If you remain in an unnatural state of constant fear, you will become less aware of what’s actually causing it because you’re in a fight or flight response, and easily triggered to flee from what could harm you…This makes you function like some kind of animal who is always on the lookout for its predator…”

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While not one to mince words, Nadrich also knows how to balance tonality. There’s no sense of gloom and doom in even the most sobered passages of the book. Everything revolves around the idea that empowerment, particularly the idea of Waking up, is enough to steer the individual in the right direction. “I’m hopeful that as more people awaken, we won’t wait, but instead, take-action against anyone or anything that wants to mislead, and possibly destroy us,” Nadrich writes. “…In the awakening process, you will begin to notice how we are dehumanizing ourselves by devaluing things like real human emotions…”

Garth Thomas