“Not A River (Still The Rain Remix)” is the latest track from Singapore’s EDM game changer, Hourstone. With pensive lyrics and addictive attack and release flow, Hourstone continues to create sounds submerged in mystery. Waiting is a track that channels the listener into a swell of throbbing, pulsating beats.

Hourstone notes in his biography that he began playing piano in his teens after his father’s sudden death. Using music as an outlet, he’s built a collection of music that varies between blinding lights of joy and beats woven in melancholy. With an impressive monthly listeners nearing 94-thousand on Spotify, “Not A River (Still The Rain Remix)” joins his hits like “Halfway House – You Never Tell Them Remix” and “Counting Down to 2”. Hourstone continues to challenge his own creativity and bring his A-game to each mix. His latest is no exception.

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“Not A River (Still The Rain Remix)” mentions the word heaven in its lyrics. That word lingers, catapulting the listener into a fantastical realm of ethereal and foggy sonic blasts. He also sings in near falsetto, you never shiver, never wither, with piano meandering around his ponderings. When he sings the chorus but, I, I’m not a river, I’m still the rain, that’s kicked out from heaven his manipulated voice sounds almost authoritarian.  The voice has this ‘wah’ ‘wah’ baritone vibe. The diverging sounds of his voice and the music base is quite eclectic. I think where Hourstone is really growing as a writer and an artist is that his prose is becoming tighter and gives the listener a better starting point to explore their own interpretations. He never ceases to connect and creates an immediate reaction in his tracks, especially this latest.

As a listener the idea of rain being kicked out of heaven really intrigued me. I began to imagine the miles and miles it took for the rain to collect into a large river. I think the music to “Not A River (Still The Rain Remix)” really showers the listener with this idea of the universe being never ending. The music is all encompassing and engulfs the listener into this ocean of sounds. You feel like a spec in the entire universe, with the surrounding rhythm completely a washing you, as you float along in ecstasy. It’s a wild world, and an invigorating ride. You almost become one with the sounds, the lines become blurred between the measures and electronic chords.

YANDEX: https://music.yandex.ru/album/10607515

Maybe Hourstone is sorrowful that the rain has been kicked out of heaven? Like the rain did something wrong? I think sometimes when people we love pass away, we still worry if they are at peace, or if they are in some sort of limbo. Perhaps he’s making a statement on the dead, if they become rain and then are once again part of Earth. One of the challenges in trying to discern his intentions, and interpret them, is that the beat in this song is so contagious I found myself more focused on the dance aspect. My body was moving, but my soul and mind were perked with curiosity.

Garth Thomas