“I’d Send You My Heart” is the emotionally-rich single from Chris St. John. The warmth of the guitar, and the cascading violin keeps binds together the sensitive vocals and loving tribute. Singing as though he were sending a song up to heaven, St. John’s sincerity is something to be admired. One might guess this track is descended from the James Taylor or Jackson Browne catalog of hits, but with a modern flare, “I’d Send You My Heart” is righteously perfect. 

Hold onto my heart, he sings. His voice is dreamlike, but refreshingly honest. This song struck me as a love letter to the lost souls or the close family members St. John has lost in his life. I’m reminded of stories where letters are written and stuffed in a bottle and thrown to sea. You hope they are read, but so many go unanswered. I believe in my heart, and from the sound of St. John’s voice, that he knows his words are being heard. His song is being welcomed from his loved ones as if they were standing right in front of him. 

The way the guitar moves, almost too pretty to be in song, is delicate and intricate. The sound is flavorful, almost as if the strings were folding upon each other, conjuring up new sounds back on the way up. I can’t be sure, but at one point, I wondered if he were using just his fingers and not an actual guitar pic. He almost has a Spanish Flamenco style – ever so slightly. I mentioned the word delicate earlier and I’d like to go back to that word. To me, it’s like his fingers were dancing – sweeping the listener off their feet. I loved the balance between the guitar strings and how St. John’s voice swoops in-and-out. I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and love listening to “I’d Send You My Heart”. 

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/chrisstjohnmusic/id-send-you-my-heart

Based in Long Island, New York, one might be surprised to learn that St. John’s life outside of music is in the field of law. A former prosecutor and judge, it’s worthy to note that he worked in the State Department and even participated in the 1987 Reagan-Gorbachev Summit. The patience he presents in “I’d Send You My Heart” speaks volumes to his faith in humanity and yearning to build bridges. I think that really shines through in this charming track. “I’d Send You My Heart” cradles the listener in its arms, just as you can feel the intimacy happening between the vocals and the guitar. One might assume that with a law degree that St. John would be stringent or very formal in his music. He’s quite fluid and relaxing. No signs of rigid guitar work here. He seems like a go-with-the-flow attitude and fiercely protective of his loved ones. If you’re wanting a song that feels right on a sunny day or a rainy Sunday afternoon, you can’t go wrong with this song. It’s lasting melodies and hopeful disposition make it a must listen for any music fan. 

Garth Thomas

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