“Tameless” by April Rose Gabrielli (Co-written by Kulick), will be premiered at The Tribeca Film Festival within the documentary “Not The Science Type.” The Oscar/Grammy valuable song paints the canvas of the movie with a colorful and textured spirit which soars high above most songs movie worthy today.

“Tameless” embodies the things that matter most, the endurance that makes us human, and the freedom of knowing that sometimes dawn breaks the darkness and forces us to see things we never thought we’d see. Within the song we see the evidence that with every wave of change comes a new beginning and that the greatest gift of all is not the trust we have in others but is the trust we have in ourselves.

Instrumentally the song is an addictive blend of pop that reaches several climaxes throughout. It’s fun, it’s inspirational, and possesses a fleeting scent that will live forever in the air. 

April Rose Gabrielli is signed to BMG and SohoJohnny Records. She is a singer/songwriter who has performed internationally with bands to large audiences, sometimes headlining and sometimes playing keys and backing with her perfect harmonies. She is a powerhouse rocker chick who’s poetry is honest and refreshing. She has a massive fan base which continues to grow daily as the April Rose Gabrielli buzz explodes like a raging tempest with no end in sight.

April Rose Gabrielli will be performing at The Bitter End in New York City on July 23rd, 2021 at 8:30 PM EST. 

5/5 Stars

April Rose Gabrielli:

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