Billy Jeter’s “Sins Of Me” is a choice new single from a forthcoming album release in the spring of 2021. This track sets up the new album as the lead single gets a jump on what’s to come from Shineye Landing, as them album is aptly titled according to his surroundings. Jeter is from Arkansas, born and raised and his lineage goes from one end of the state to the other, from the Ozark’s to the Delta where Tennessee and Mississippi all cross paths. The life down there reflects in the music because of living there, not because it is a sound you can just duplicate.


The authentic sound of Jeter’s work comes from combining the elements of Folk and Blues with some rock and even some Bluegrass influence, rather than one genre straight across the board. My minces many flavors and they taste very well together, as they should because this is not Pop music, he is a singer and songwriter of more integrity than image and hitmakers. But it is also not like he is not humble, just listen to his music for evidence of the contrary and see how his voice carries that way and you will get exactly what I mean.

The blues picking and slide playing comes from his roots in the Delta and the rest of the flavors are embedded in his pedigree, as the family member of folk artists, writers and painters alike. For more information follow his social networks and se his bio at his website and get the music on all platforms. This excellent single, “Sins Of Me,” is recommended for anyone searching for good music during the pandemic and this winter is long and the internet is the place to find it while nobody is touring and it does not get any easier to find than that.

Jeter smokes on the strings and pleads his case with some simple words of good intentions to make his point clear but not so loud, because this is a mellow, laid back tune but it travels a lot of miles. It just has that wise and weathered feel about it, and that’s where the true country musician in Jeter meets a bit of blues and gospel to get his message all the way across, in which it does to me and I can see how any of his fans would also respond the same way.

“Sins Of Me” rates up with some of the best singles I’ve heard in the year 2020 so far, a year full of distractions and just about everything that puts music on the back burner, so that is a tall order for anyone. Some artists are going full on and pulling out all the stops and not even backing up their releases until next year, but some are doing it just the opposite way and saving the rest for next year and Jeter follows the latter philosophy. If his songwriting and guitar playing are anywhere nears as good as this on his upcoming album release, it will be well worth the wait.

Garth Thomas