Looking within is a great place to start when trying to find a place of peace. Getting in touch with nature on a sensory level and doing this on a regular basis can not only ground you, but bring you to a point where you can think clearly. When coupled with meditation, your ability to lean into your intuition to make life decisions with clarity becomes your norm of operating.

These are just a few of the perspectives shared by Michelle Beltran when speaking with Rhonda of The Rhonda Swan Show. Trusting yourself starts with knowing and understanding yourself and Michelle’s foundation and ability to help others is built on core values instilled from her youth and through her journey in law enforcement as well.

Who is Michelle Beltran? Michelle is an award-winning author, psychic medium and highly trained remote viewer. She has become a leading international authority in the spirituality arena, specializing in psychic functioning, mediumship, and remote viewing. She is the host of a popular psychic development podcast and was featured at Hay House Radio and Hay House World Summit.

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Best Selling Author, International Speaker and World-Renowned Online Brand Strategist, Rhonda Swan is the Founder of Unstoppable Branding Agency and is dedicated to helping people turn their passions and dreams into a tangible and sexy reality. 

Once we were wild, this is the time to re-wild ourselves. To return to our fierceness and truest form and expression as women, come be wild with us. 

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This Episode is jam-packed with pure light along the leadership path. 

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Article by DEZii