Mayne’s newest single, “Still Gon Do It,” has such an effortless and organic texture that it feels like you’re joining it in progress. Born James DeMarco Swain, Mayne considers himself a man of spirituality. Growing up in Maryland, Mayne was the son of a single mother and the only brother to 3 sisters. He was tasked with being a protector at an early age and eventually found his way into the Marine Corps. His strength and gentility are evident in his musical stylings, as he shows no insecurities but rather comfortable confidence.


An entrepreneur by trade, Mayne actually walked away from the music game for a time. His spiritual guide instructed him that he still had to work to do as an artist, and here we are. Blending genres, Mayne is a man of many styles. He’s served so many roles in life that he’s come to appreciate every walk of it. His music is a reflection of his spiritual journey and, ultimately, his most unadulterated offerings to society.

Serene and even a bit ethereal, Mayne’s vocals are akin to droplets of water in the opening moments of “Still Gon Do It.” Smooth would be too simplistic to describe his performance on the piece, but it’s not entirely off-base either. Some may call what he does “mumble-rap,” but Mayne never really accelerates his delivery. Instead, he comes across as more contemplative and at one with his own sense of inner peace. His spirituality is more than evident on this track, and if there isn’t already a genre for it, he may be the forefather of “spiritual rap.

”There’s a sort of bluesy quality to “Still Gon Do It.” Mayne utilizes what sounds to be a clean steel guitar, giving the song an added layer. It’s a relatively repetitive piece, but its syntax is the priority, even if there’s a bit of mystery at its center. Mayne isn’t always discernible, but he’s clear enough that you choose to stay with him. At times, there’s even a dreamlike atmosphere to “Still Gon Do It” that solicits you before you may realize it

A wonderfully composed piece, Mayne doesn’t add an abundance of smoke and mirrors to the proceedings, in spite of its moderate mysticism. He simply gives the song an authentic texture of aural purity and lets it unfold on its own. It yields the best results, as listening to “Still Gon Do It” is comparable to a natural intoxicant. You can smell, taste, and feel the track, as well as hear it. It’s ingestible and immersive and leaves you partial to its prevailing effect on your consciousness.

Mayne has gone on record as saying that his songs tend to have a dual meaning. He doesn’t necessarily see it as a conscious effort but rather a subconscious aspect of his artistic process. Mayne is a self-made man and a seeker as an artist. He refrains from overt use of profanity or slang on “Still Gon Do It” and achieves arguably twice as much in not doing so.

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