Though it’s not as melodic as the vocal is, the instrumental aspect of Max Hawthorne’s “A Tyrannosaurus For Christmas” is still as pivotal to appreciating the track as any one of the lyrics is. There’s no going halfway when it comes to making children’s music, and to some degree, you can say the same for Christmas music as well – if you’re going to produce something and expect results from fans of these two niche genres, it’s got to be complete in every department. Hawthorne’s simplistic approach to composing fits in with the minimalist narrative of our time, and produces the kind of fun kid’s song that listeners of all ages can appreciate. 


With a decadent drumbeat to support every word, “A Tyrannosaurus For Christmas” marches forth with surprisingly strong stamina, especially as we get into the second half of the song. There’s nothing weak in the mix, and I actually think that because of how rigid the groove is the vocal can be a lot more flexible with the harmonies than it would have been in a different setting. Hawthorne’s sound is definitely on the chaotic side at times, but it never slips into amateurish overindulgence. 

This vocal is playful and not crammed between the rhythm section and the front end of the track, which is something I’ve been hearing across the mainstream in pop for the better part of the last year. Rather than drowning all of the melodic charisma in “A Tyrannosaurus For Christmas,” Max Hawthorne is doing his best to accentuate the best elements this single has to offer, even if it means taking a more detailed route when it comes to producing even the smallest of intricacies in the song. His efforts pay off, and young listeners will likely grant it their seal of approval after a single listen. 

I didn’t know as much before I sat down with this track, but it’s obvious when listening to “A Tyrannosaurus For Christmas” that Hawthorne has an extensive background as a writer. The words just feel cohesive from beginning to end, even though they’re being presented in the most amateurish of manners possible, and scarcely is there a moment in this song in which it sounds like we’re listening to something unprofessional in any capacity. There’s plenty of contradiction here, and in some ways that’s really what defines the perfect kid’s track – it’s bold but accessible to those with a very specific kind of taste. 


Try as you might this winter, I doubt you’re going to find another artist quite like Mr. Max Hawthorne, who’s definitely onto something interesting in this all-new single. He’s got a lot on his plate as an author and creative in general, but if I were in his position, I would make music as much a priority as anything else right now. “A Tyrannosaurus For Christmas” is everything children’s music should be in an ideal scenario, and hopefully just a snapshot of what we’re going to be hearing out of his camp next. 

Garth Thomas

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