A smoky vocal coupled with a volley of kaleidoscopic riffs comes crashing through the speakers with a vicious lust. The two entities are distinct but seamlessly mixed into a singular cocktail capable of getting anyone within earshot intoxicated on the spot. There’s nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. This is “All That I Want,” the new single from the New York-formed, Orland, FLA-based Kings County, and whether you’re listening to the track at full volume or using it as background music for whatever quest you might be on at the moment, it’s going to stoke a reaction out of you. Rock musicians Kings County aren’t trying to break the mold with “All That I Want;” there’s nothing particularly fanciful about the instruments that comprise it, nor is theirs a loftier, more progressive approach to making the familiar soundtrack of our fast-paced, post-Led Zeppelin lives. What they are doing here, intentionally or not, is reminding the world why rock n’ roll is so important to our pop culture lexicon – the energy, the evocativeness, the spirit, all of which are found without filtration in this stunner of a new single.

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As exciting as this track is from start to finish, something tells me it would sound even better in a live performance from Kings County. The bass trembles at the onslaught of the chorus, opening up some space for the drums to collapse the rhythm of the entire band into a fluid stream of pulsating attacks, each of which feels more pummeling than the one that came before it. The guitars are restricted only by the vocal, which leads the instrumental pack like an old world general at the frontlines of a bitter battle between two heated foes. All of the aforementioned qualities could be expanded upon (almost limitlessly) live, and even if Kings County were to take on the skyscraper-sized riffage in this track with a different level of intensity than they do here, I haven’t the slightest doubt as to whether or not I would be taken aback by their melodic moxie. The bones of “All That I Want” are solid, and that’s all that really matters in a killer stage jam.

If you weren’t already paying attention to them in 2019, there’s a high likelihood that you’re going to be keeping Kings County on your radar after hearing this single for yourself. Their story is just starting to unfold before us, but judging from the material that they issued on their eponymous debut album, I think we’re going to hear even more worthwhile tunes from their camp a lot sooner than later. They’re on the cusp of some great things at the moment, and with just a little more time and development in and out of the studio, they’re going to be ready for anything this game throws their way. It’s an incredibly competitive time to be entering the scene, but with skills like theirs, Kings County are going to rise through the ranks with a continued dedication to this well-chosen craft.

Garth Thomas