Jason Poncio’s new single “Never Run” (Remixed) is now available worldwide. 

Jason Poncio, originating from Houston Texas, has been doing music for over 20 years and his newest single is quickly making its way to being his most catchable song yet. “Never Run” (Remixed) has hit 200K plays on Spotify alone within the first few days. Quickly gaining global popularity in the UK, France, Spain, Canada and yes, even the United States. “Never Run” (Remixed) is an updated version of his song he originally did on his first album and re-released on his Commemorative album called “Timeline 20” where he celebrated his 20 years of writing and recording original music. “Never Run” (Remixed) has been a collaboration effort with ReF3 who has been working with Jason for over 23 years and has helped with putting out Poncio’s most recent singles including “Coconut (Remixed)” and “For The First Time ”. The collaboration of these 2 singer/songwriter/producers will continue and they have plans to pave the way for the year with consistent single releases. If “Never Run” (Remixed) is any hint of the music to come from Jason Poncio, fans and listeners all over the world will have much to look forward to this year. “Never Run” (Remixed) is currently available for streaming and sale on all major platforms.

Singer, songwriter, actor, producer and rising superstar Jason Poncio began his trek in the entertainment industry via music when he formed his first musical group in 1998 where he enjoyed success on a local and regional front. His debut album was released in 2007 and called “Uniquely Soulful” which gave birth to the hit single “U Know” that charted in Japan.

Jason has also written a TV synopsis and a barrage of scripts while he celebrated his acting inauguration in 2002 in Texas Justice. He continued to act in several independent horror films and is now scripting them as well as producing them.

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