“I Love Christmas” by Cassandra, is a single from her forthcoming EP, and it’s a fantastic jazz style number with hit potential written all over it. And even if you’re not a lover of Christmas songs there’s still an undeniable excellence about it, with genuine qualities that go beyond holiday music values. Cassandra is from the Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario area, with a cruise ship lounge singing background, as well as being a songwriter and recording artist with over 25 songs. Her career has involved many adventures, one of them being singing a duet with Keith Urban in front of 24,000 people.

URL: https://www.cassandraonthenet.com/

I like everything about this song and the artist, and when you listen to “I Love Christmas” you can tell Cassandra is no new-comer on the block. I can’t think of any better place to start listening to her music than this introduction, it’s smooth, classy and a hundred percent enjoyable without being cliché about the holidays. It’s done in the spirit of Christmas, but it’s also done in the spirit of music without restrictions, as she sings with total control and perfection. The track is also beautifully written and arranged by Bobby Hamrick, mixed by Dave Pensado and mastered by Colin Leonard.

The spellbinding track kicks off with a classical motif and goes into some baritone piano chords and accompanying horns to back her voice as she completely takes it over and keeps you compelled till it’s over. But that only gives a little insight to what’s going on with the song. These are great lyrics anyone can immediately relate to, especially music lovers of the jazz variety. The first time I heard it I was reminded of classics of the past like Brenda Lee, only to be transformed to the present at the same time, and that’s a compliment to Cassandra.

Complete with backing singers and an overall positive message in a time when uncertainty seems more popular than holiday spirit, this song comes highly recommended to all audiences. It belongs on every holiday music playlist without question, and Cassandra herself should be further exposed to the masses. You’ll want to hear more from her if you haven’t, once you hear “I Love Christmas,” and that is the mark of any great artist. Top marks also go to everyone Cassandra worked with on it as well. I’m usually not this quickly inspired by a Christmas or any other holiday song.

Cassandra is donating all proceeds from this work to Amnesty International, which just goes to show how the holiday spirit actually- works wonders when you make the effort. It’s a wonderful slice of ear candy for a great cause, and it makes you want to hear more from Cassandra if you’re not already familiar with her and her music. I did an instant double take after hearing it and went searching for more found Cassandra to be a world class artist I’m delighted to review. Nobody does it better than this, and that’s a tall order to fill anytime of year.

Garth Thomas