As the Joey Stuckey Trio prepares for their upcoming Jan 3rd show at The Whisky on Sunset, we caught up with Joey to find out more.

Hello, where are you from and where are you currently located?

I was born in Green Cove Springs, FL, and lived there until around age 7. I am proud to say that I was presented the key to the city of my birthplace which means so much to me as I was a very sick child as the result of a brain tumor—so Green Cove was very important to me as a place where I was very loved and supported as a child! I then moved to Jacksonville, FL, where I lived until around the age of 15. I then moved to Macon, GA, where I have the honor to be the official music ambassador and this is where you will find me when I am 90 years old looking for my teeth. 

How do you describe your genre of music overall?

I am an eclectic soul and I have played a variety of genres and of musical styles over my career. So, I choose to brand myself very broadly and each album more narrowly. That being said, right now I am mostly known for a blues driven Americana style of music that isn’t afraid to borrow from other genres like jazz. We are calling our style “Progressive Americana”.

Tell us about your latest new single and video release!

This year we have been touring and promoting our album “In The Shadow Of The Sun”. However, as 2019 draws to a close I found myself with the time and inclination to record a Christmas EP. This is something I had been wanting to do for some time but it was just never the right time. However, I found that I had the chance and jumped on it and wrote my first Christmas song called “Santa That Plays Guitar”. Besides the original song, there are some great classic Christmas songs given the “Stuckey treatment” including, “O Holy Night”, “Go Tell it on the Mountain”, and several more.

Please tell us about your upcoming shows and tour plans?

As we start nearing the holidays, I’ll be performing a little less taking some much needed time off. However, we’ll be performing through November and December in Nashville, Georgia, South Carolina and LA and we are starting the new year off right by perform on January 3rd at the famous Whisky A Go Go and then on 1/24 I’ll be back in LA performing during GRAMMY week at the Soirée.

Please visit for an up-to-the-minute performance schedule!

How would you describe your LIVE show to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

About 30% comedy, 70% music and the band and I give our entire heart and soul to the performance! We always look forward to meeting fans and we come early and stay late to make sure we can meet each person that comes out to a show!

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End of Interview