It isn’t accurate to say that South Florida based anesthesiologist Rob Alexander moonlights as singer/songwriter in his free time. Some may get that impression when they learn about him. Alexander, instead, does an impressive job of balancing these roles without giving short shrift to either one. There’s ample evidence. Alexander is set to release his fourth album in six years entitled Young Man’s Eyes and the first single “Get Over Yourself”, a duet with Gigi Worth, serves notice that creating a first-class musical experience is still a high priority for Alexander.


Recruiting Gigi Worth for a duet is a shrewd move. Worth has toured and recorded with a near who’s who of music legends including Whitney Houston, David Crosby, David Foster, and Michael McDonald, among others. She has since embarked on a solo career and has several top-notch releases to her credit. Her soaring voice proves to be an effective counterpoint to Alexander’s dramatic vocals. He structures their duet in two distinct sections rather than alternating lines.

The arrangement relies on a relentless pulse that carries listeners’ away from the outset. Alexander’s collaborators generate sweeping energy sparking with irresistible fire. Synthesizer riffing builds the song’s core melody without ever risking overkill, but it doesn’t shoulder the load alone. There is a plethora of guitar playing, especially during the song’s second half, and the climactic solo places a crowning touch on the performance.

The chorus is the single’s peak moment. Both Alexander and Worth realize the refrain’s potential. It drives home the song’s message of looking past the petty wants and desires of everyday life to see the bigger picture but never sounding strident or heavy-handed. The percussion deepens the impact of the chorus despite its metronomic pre-programmed sound. It keeps the cut charging forward with its unwavering beat.

Alexander’s singing commands the listener’s attention. His stentorian delivery may sound overwrought to listeners, but he brings undeniable assertiveness to the song’s message. He has power to burn as well. The vocal strengths he brings to bear on the single are especially ideal considering the lyrical content. It has a plain-spoken certainty that his singing transforms into the anthemic.

The production is slick but never charmless. Great care is taken to give “Get Over Yourself” an unified feel and no one element of the song dominates at the expense of others. Alexander condenses the track to a suitable length with the track clocking in at just over four minutes. It gives him the needed canvas for his creativity and allows both Alexander and Worth their respective chances to shine.

“Get Over Yourself” is an excellent introduction to Rob Alexander’s forthcoming album. There are listeners who will wish the recording relied more on a traditional instrumental attack, but whatever flaws they hear in the musical approach, the singers redeem them. Good duets hinge on the chemistry two vocalists can strike up. Alexander and Worth are a passionate pairing that elevates this song several notches and capitalizes on the rousing qualities it aims for. 

Garth Thomas