How would you classify your music Redray? 

Indie Soul, Soul, or Alt RnB (is what I like to call it). I think when you got down to it, it’s all considered today’s Pop.

Who are some of your musical influences? 

I’m very inspired by the production of Danger Mouse, Adrian Younge & J Dilla.  The music artistry of Brittany Howard, Leon Bridges, Marvin Gaye & Michael Kiwanuka inspires me.  However, it’s not just music that I’m influenced by. I’m moved by the beautiful paintings of Nelson Makamo,  perhaps a Eugene Ashe or Wes Anderson film, or communion with nature, beautiful architecture & design, fashion, or quite simply a spirited conversation with Athena.  There’s music, beauty & art all around us.

What do you want fans to take away from your music? 

Truth & love is the vehicle that drives my music.  As long as that is the main ingredient in my songs, I know the listener will feel it.  They can then be transported to wherever it is that sets them free.

What’s the music scene like in your city, country?  

Portland’s scene is vibrant & supportive.  It’s one of those cities that is just the right size for a musician to feel comfortable & confident in order to gain your stride & make a living at it.  I love knowing what’s going on with everyone that’s doing their thing.  There’s a real camaraderie with the bands & musicians in this town.  We take pride in each others success stories. 

What is the best concert you have ever been to that has truly inspired your live performances? 

The best recent show I’ve seen was back in October when I saw Black Pumas.  I hadn’t been in a concert hall since playing my last show just before the pandemic.  I think our music rides in the same lane, so to witness such a lovely show after being starved for live music for 2 years was very inspiring.

What do you enjoy most about performing to a live audience? 

I love that it’s completely meditative and cathartic.  There are so many things that are wrapped up in the practice of what we as songwriters and performers do even in the morning that leads up to any live performance.  Making the set list, the accounting of the gear you’re taking with you, loading up the car,  warming up my vocal cords on the drive to the venue, sound check.  I LOVE every aspect of the minutiae that proceeds hitting the stage.  When the lights go on and the music starts, the audience is bearing witness to a vessel & because I’ve given all of myself, they give it back to me.  I love that.

Upcoming EP, anything you can tell us about that project?

There’s a flow to this record that I’m not sure I’m comfortable explaining.  I know that I allowed myself to let each song take the direction it wanted to go in. They were written during a global pandemic, the age of misinformation, and social unrest, the challenge for me was to not let that consume every aspect of every song. There are totally different treatments from song to song but the common denominator is its heart.  For that reason, I’m very excited for people to hear this upcoming work.

How have you evolved as an artist over the last couple of years during these challenging times? 

I hope I have.  I know that I learned what is important to me as a human.  That, in itself, is worth its weight in gold.  I’m now more intentional about everything. 

If you could meet, play a gig, co-write a song, have dinner, have a drink with any band or artist (dead or alive) who would that be?  

Final answer: Nina Simone.  Oh wait, Jay Z.  Maybe Radiohead?  Ray Charles?  No Jimi Hendrix!  Harry Styles seems chill, so does Billie Eilish.  The Beatles?  Kendrick Lamar?  Nah okay, Nina Simone.  Yeah, Nina Simone.

What are your future music plans? 

My most immediate plans are to ‘perfect’ some of my latest songs.  If that happens fast enough, perhaps I’ll put them on the record. Definitely more collaborations.  I’ve been diving deeper into writing songs for films & TV.  I would like to do more of that, as well as touring. I look forward to building my fan base. I am grateful for my team. I thank you for this interview.




End of Interview