Kelly Moneymaker! Can we say how cool your name is first! And also how much we are loving the “Reindeer Know How to Groove” song! We just are obsessed! Please tell us were there any challenges to the holiday jam!?

Thank you. Most people think Moneymaker is my stage name, but I was born with this moniker! My ancestors printed money at the mint in Germany, so they were named after their trade. It was translated to Moneymaker when my great-grandfather arrived on Ellis Island. I’m so glad you’re enjoying “Reindeer Know How to Groove”. My dad was a huge Stax Records and Motown fan and I wanted to pay homage to the artists I grew up listening to. I also wanted to embrace that childhood magic along with a dose of silliness so we could spread a bit of holiday joy. I used to stay up all night waiting for Santa and listening for a hoof on the roof! Once I had that line, the rest of the song hit me like a bolt of lightning!

Can you tell us about an upcoming release that you never could have imagined developing? 

I’ll be releasing a new album in 2021 that will have a new version of “Like A Blackbird”, the title track from my first album. That song has always meant a great deal to me, but I’ve never been happy with the way I sang it. My friend and long-time collaborator, Gabriel Moses, and I have taken a fresh approach and brought it down to the bones. I’m really proud of it now.

Name a genre of music that you’ve never done but would love to dive into? 

I have recently completed my Creative Media Production degree and I’ve learned a few new tricks! I’m inspired to create a new project, but it’s not a fully formed idea yet. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before and I’m quite excited about it. I’ll keep you posted!

Can you give a piece of advice to someone that feels discouraged about their artistry? 

Do not give up! If you are passionate, hardworking, and learn about the business aspects of your creative industry, you will be ok.

Thank you for taking this interview with us! You are such an inspiration for artists! Please tell our audience where they can listen and watch “Reindeer Know How to Groove” and follow all things Kelly Moneymaker!

Thank you for being so supportive! Kehan Miller is perfectly ridiculous as Ernest, the reindeer in the video. I hope he makes you laugh as much as I did! You can download, stream or view from! You may also find me at or @KellyMoneymaker on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Wishing you Health, Peace and Happy Holidays!

End of Interview