How would you describe your musical style?

My musical style is in the pocket of Alternative Rock, but lyrically, I like to add quite a bit of wordplay, metaphors & lines that make you think.

Kind of like a classical poem about love or situations in life.

Who were some of your music influences that inspired your passion for songwriting?

Simple Plan & Linkin Park were the first bands I ever listened to that piqued my interest in music. Bands like Fall out Boy and Fightstar were the ones that got me wanting to learn how to play instruments and write songs.

What would you like your fans to take away from your songs?

All of my songs try to bring a sense of hope and faith during both good and bad times. 

I want all my listeners to get good vibes and try to spread positivity, especially because of what’s going on in the world right now.

We see and hear a lot of negativity that goes on day to day, so my lyrics try to see the reasons for the negativity and find a way to turn it around.

Describe the music scene in your city, state.

I honestly do not know the current state of the music scene in my area. I do know however, that there are big acts coming through, of all genres, so I don’t think it’s heavy on a specific scene.

What is the best concert you have ever attended?

I have gone to a few, either performed and/or watched, but the one that always brings me back to top tier concerts would be Depeche Mode on their Global Spirit Tour in 2017.

For being around in the industry for a while, they know how to pack a punch at live shows. The sound was very immersive and their instrumentals are spot on.

I am more of a 90’s music generation, but their music hits me in my soul when it comes to concerts.

What are you currently working on right now?

I have a few songs in the works right now. All are about some experiences I have gone through recently and I felt like this is the most positive way to express it.

Always need an outlet to get things off your chest and speak your mind, instead of bottling it up and causing more stress and bad vibes.

Is there a song you have written and released that stands out as your personal favorite, and why? 

Out of all the songs I have released, Lightfoot Sunflower has to take the cake for being my personal favorite. It’s got an upbeat vibe, I can rock out to it any time and lyrics tell a story of the lessons I’ve learned from my grandfather and applying it to my life.

If a song is jumpable, it’s one of my favorites.

How have you evolved as a songwriter over the last 2 years during these challenging times?

These past few years have tested a lot of us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I think that having moved to another country, (Philippines)

for two years during the pandemic and experiencing a whole new culture really gave me a broader perspective of the world. 

Seeing life from suburbs to countryside living was a huge step in a different direction that gave me a whole lot to talk about, and in this case, write about. I write about my life, so prior to these past few years I only saw life through one lens, now I see with different cultures in mind, different lifestyles and a better outlook on life as a whole.

If you could co-write a song with one of today’s biggest songwriters, who would that be? 

If I could co-write a song with any songwriters, I would reach out to Pete Wentz. His lyrics have great amounts of depth to the point where it’s like deciphering a code or something.

I write with a lot of subliminals and wordplay because I really want the listeners to think about what I mean. I do add double entendres do add multiple meanings to what I’m trying to portray.

What are your future plans for you as an artist/songwriter…what do you hope to accomplish?

I don’t have a set plan, I just need my music to be heard by the right people who can find meaning in the words I write, the melodies I sing and the chords I strum. Thank you for this opportunity.




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