When was the last time you were truly overwhelmed with joy? 

We just finished our finals!! We ate out downtown on Broadway and I looked at my phone to see I passed my accounting class. True joy!

Who brings you the most joy when you hear good feedback on your music?

Honestly, when anyone gives us a compliment it really makes us feel good inside. We know we’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but it really makes our day when someone enjoys or likes our music.

Has there been a time that critique has been tough to take?

Yes– we submitted our song “What Lies on the Other Side” to a blog online and got some very nasty feedback. We understand that opinions differ and we’re not meant for everyone, but the critique they gave us was extremely unwarranted. Musically, they slammed us for some things that were intentional on our end– like the song being longer and it having some psychedelic rock elements. That was entirely the point, and it was disappointing to us that they seemed to almost get personal a little bit.

What music do you have out now, can you talk about it with us?

Our debut EP “Pyrite and Steel” just came out! It’s available to listen to everywhere online. It’s a fun match of catchy melodies and guitar riffs, thoughtful lyrics inspired by Rush and Pearl Jam, progressive rock, electric violin, Appalachian dulcimer on one track, and a dash of Celtic/medieval flair. We hope you check it out and enjoy it!


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