One of the biggest spontaneously rising superstars in the entertainment field, and someone to watch out for in 2020, is promoter, entertainer, recording star SohoJohnny, aka John Pasquale. Although relatively new to the industry, having made his mark in commercial real estate in New York City, SohoJohnny has already accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime.

Those who meet Johnny for the first time are instantly touched by his warmth, kind heart, ability to want to learn, his patience, and willingness to share with those less fortunate than him. Aside from those attributes, Johnny captures the propensity to relentlessly work hard to accomplish a goal, sometimes going above and beyond what is humanly possible to accomplish his vision.

Dazzling people with his handsome appearance, and innocent swagger, Johnny stands at 6’2″ with large brown, soulful eyes, blended dark brown hair, a dimpled, bright, animated smile and most importantly a true, heartfelt air of authenticity. Upon meeting him you know intrinsically he can be trusted.

Working feverishly this past summer he produced a sold out 12-hour disco extravaganza, including a barbecue, a meet and greet, and then gourmet dinner for his guests. Some of the artists included were Deney Terrio from Saturday Night Fever, Tavares, Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes, Planet Patrol, American Idol’s Constantine Maroulis, Jimmy Bo- Horne, Sharon Brown, Mini Kiss, Monty Rock III, and many more.  SohoJohnny’s Holiday Soirée taking place on December 14th in NYC features Kim Sledge from Sister Sledge, Leon & The Peoples showcasing the talents of Leon Robinson, film star who has appeared in, “The Five Heartbeats”, “The Temptations”, “Above The Rim”, and many others. A portion of the proceeds from each and every one of his events benefit the American Cancer Society, because of his wish to give back, while sharing his love for music with the world.

At summer’s end, SohoJohnny presented the American Cancer Society with the sum of $25,000, and continues to support that cause because cancer touches everybody.

SohoJohnny worked diligently as a sponsor of the Mars Rocks concert in Los Angeles in October, to benefit the Mars Society, and worked with some of the biggest musicians on planet earth.

This year Johnny has joined the Board of Directors of The Legends of Vinyl,  has sponsored benefit shows produced by Scott Page from Pink Floyd, and is about to release his debut single early next year. 

SohoJohnny being raised in the Bronx New York, never forgets his humble past, and strives to make the future better for mankind.

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