Apoorva is something of a non-traditional entity in Pop Music, with a somewhat conventional story. The young lady of Indian descent was originally on her way to becoming a doctor. It was, ironically, a scholarship of all things that redirected her back onto the path of her true passion – music. Highly educated and culturally diverse, Apoorva, whose name translates to “never before” in Sanskrit, makes music resonate spiritually. Her new single, “The Door Is Always Open,” is unique in structure yet familiar in texture.

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The intro, “The Door Is Always Open,” has some serious Sade vibes. The track quickly establishes itself with Apoorva’s distinct vocal style, or more accurately, her sensual yet haunting tone. The song grabs you rather immediately and then proceeds to place you in something of a holding pattern. There’s certainly a hypnotic element, as Apoorva is one of those singers that can transfix, seemingly without effort. Or rather, her unconscious qualities are her most endearing.“

The Door Is Always Open” somehow manages to feel both replete and abbreviated. In some ways, it serves as a sort of sample of what’s to come from Apoorva. There are moments in her performance when she sounds slightly apprehensive and reserved. The natural quality of her voice shines through, though, which is, by turns, vulnerable and celestial. Apoorva is currently defined by an innocence that seems destined to evolve into confidence.

Before you sail away/know that you can stay. At the core of “The Door Is Always Open” is the advocacy of second chances. Most will assume that it is a simple love song, and while there likely is some truth to that, there’s a more general underlying message. Apoorva is careful to repeat the title/chorus multiple times because that phrase is key, no pun intended. By the song’s end, the objective is arguably achieved.

“The Door Is Always Open” is designed to highlight Apoorva’s vocals, but the soundscapes effectively create ambiance. The song has something of a sheltering effect, and it’s quite remarkable how immediately it establishes itself. Everything weaves together to create a strong effort, overall, even if it still seems like an infomercial of what’s to come. Apoorva has coy magnetism, but she sounds graciously unshaken.

For all the genres that are blended in modern music, this sort of ethereal sound is somewhat rare anymore. Gone are the days of artists like Enya, who once dominated their corner of the airwaves. There’s a raw sincerity in Apoorva’s music at the moment that should be savored while it can. Musical tastes aside, you will find yourself enraptured and reassured by “The Door Is Always Open.” Apoorva’s voice is like that of a mystical High Priestess; it’s shrouded in mystery and wisdom but fueled by purity. As she opens the door to the next phase of her recording career, rest assured, she left it open for you to follow.

Garth Thomas