It’s that time of year again. After listening to thousands of radio shows, podcasts and webshows, we here at The Hollywood Digest have compiled our list of the Top 75 shows in the world. Many of the shows on the list are household names, bringing listeners/viewers the best entertainment available worldwide. Some of the shows are new to the list, many have moved up in the rankings since last year, and all of them are super fun and entertaining to listen and watch. There are over 2 million podcasts/shows, and with billions of streams/downloads these are the ones that are blowing up the charts with international fanbases all around the world. 

Check out The Hollywood Digest’s Picks For The Top 75 Webshows (TV/Radio/Pocasts) In The World: 

  1.  Joe Rogan “The Joe Rogan Experience”
  2.  Jimmy Star/Ron Russell “The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell”
  3.  Mickey Burns “Profiles With Mickey Burns”
  4.  Ryan Seacrest “On Air With Ryan Seacrest”
  5.  Bobby Bones “The Bobby Bones Show”
  6.  The New York Times “The Daily”
  7.  Dean K. Piper “The Adventures of Pipeman”
  8.  Elvis Duran “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show”
  9.  Trevor Noah “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah”
  10.  Mark Levin “Mark Levin Podcast”
  11.  Sean Hannity “The Sean Hannity Show”
  12.  Dan Bongino “The Dan Bongino Show”
  13.  Brian Sebastian “Movie Reviews & More”
  14.  Ben Shapiro “The Ben Shapiro Show”
  15.  Ezra Klein “The Ezra Klein Show”
  16.  Simonetta Lein “The Simonetta Lein Show” 
  17.  Eric Alper “That Eric Alper Show”
  18.  Candace Owens “The Candace Owens Show”
  19.  Karen Kilgariff/Georgia Hardstark “My Favorite Murder”
  20.  Dax Shepard “Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard”
  21.  Ben Higgins/ Ashley Iaconetti “The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous   Podcast”
  22.  Paris Hilton “This is Paris”
  23.  Howard Bloom “Coast To Coast”
  24.  Mick Manhattan/Casey Plott “The Scene Snobs”
  25.  Ric Chetter “Radio Memphis”
  26.  Steven Sievers “Bionic Buzz”
  27.  Twizm Whyte Piece “FCR247 Interviews”
  28.  David Moss /Think:EXP “Rock’n Talk Show”
  29.  Leland Sklar “Leland Sklar Youtube”
  30.  Brad Pittman “The Smoked Meat Podcast”
  31.  Andy Cohen “Radio Andy”
  32.  Howard Stern “Howard 100 and 101”
  33.  Giles Brown & David Skelton “Talk Radio Europe”
  34.  Casey Rackham/Shyla Watson/Stephen LaConte “BuzzFeed Daily”
  35.  Michael DeGennaro/Freddy Tenore & Crew “The Wiseguyz Show”
  36.  Anthony Boese/Matt Guy “Freakin Awesome Podcast”
  37.  Glenn Beck “The Glenn Beck Program”
  38.  George Panayi “Meet Me For Coffee Podcast”
  39.  Bill Simmons “The Bill Simmons Podcast
  40.  Rocky Kramer “Rock & Roll Tuesdays With Rocky Kramer” 
  41.  Wendy Stuart/Tym Moss “If These Walls Could Talk”
  42.  Jason Maddox “Heavy Chump”
  43.  Ray Rumsey “The Leo Affect”
  44.  David Bowers “The David Bowers Awards”
  45.  Mike Wagner “The Mike Wagner Show” 
  46.  DJ VG “9FM WCPT”
  47.  Anna Sale “Death Sex & Money with Anna Sale”
  48.  Ben Ferguson “The Ben Ferguson Show”
  49.  Jimmy Dore “The Jimmy Dore Show”
  50.  Mike Burlew “Verbal Shenanigans”
  51.  DJ Envy/Angela Yee/ Charlamagne Tha God “The Breakfast Club”
  52.  James Warwick “You Really Shouldn’t Have”
  53.  Dr. Mobi “Lifestyles with Dr. Mobi”
  54.  Matt Walsh “The Matt Walsh Show”
  55.  Bill O’Reilly “The O’Reilly Update”
  56.  Adrienne F. Manson “The Fierce Female Network”
  57.  Laverne Cox “The Laverne Cox Show”
  58.  Anna Faris “Unqualified”
  59.  Roger Gardner “Roger The Wild Child Show”
  60.  Marc Maron “WTF” with Marc Maron
  61.  Aubrey Johnson “The Road To Rediscovery”
  62.  Dave Ramsey “The Dave Ramsey Show”
  63.  Will Ferrell “The Ron Burgundy Podcast”
  64.  Katie Couric “Next Question with Katie Couric”
  65.  Tim Beisiegel “Pop Culture Addicts”
  66.  Stephen K. Bannon “Bannon’s War Room”
  67.  Matt Bratschi/Brendan Haggerty/Greg Petix “Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker”
  68.  Chuck Bryant/Josh Clark “Stuff You Should Know Podcast”
  69.  Josh & Dakota “Mindless Morning Show”
  70.  Glennon Doyle “We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle”
  71.  Jason Taylor/Max Andrews/Scott Colleli/Dan Baugher “3 Geeks Podcast”
  72.  Jenna Fischer/ Angela Kinsey “Office Ladies”
  73.  Ray/Mike & Matt “The Happy Hour Podcast” 
  74.  Bailey Sarian “Dark History”
  75.  Debbie Perkins “Hollywood Red Carpet Radio”

List composed by the Editors of The Hollywood Digest