Stacy Gabel isn’t letting recent lockdowns and the pandemic blues get to her. This exciting singer/songwriter is using her down time to release the catchy, pop-rock offering “Stir Crazy”. Easy to sing along to, and Gabel’s infectious harmonizing are just a few of the major factors “Stir Crazy” strikes many great notes. The rousing music bed and Gabel’s optimism is too hard to ignore. “Stir Crazy” will have you bopping along and wanting more by song’s end.


Oh, the world is hunkered down…the sun will shine again, we got to love this world we’re in, we’re stir crazy, Gabel sings. Gabel is also the talent behind the songs “Two Hearts One Soul”, “Meant To Be” and “Hushabye Mountain”. The Leigh, Pennsylvania-based artist captures slight artifacts of frenzied, stuck-behind-the-walls in her delivery, and the somewhat spastic acoustic guitar also reflects that anxiety. Her voice, though, almost Disney-princess esque, is primarily warm and bright. She’s very likable and has an instant rapport with the listener. The music bed also includes some percussion, and faint orchestration. It flows very well underneath her confident voice. The percussion is subtle, but releases at opportune times to provide drama. Gabel just keeps peeling back that onion and you discover more layers with each listen.  Look past this noise, she sings. (Taken out of context, which is not my intent, I can see how that line might be funny to some readers) She’s really just focusing on the future and reminding the listener that we’re all trapped in the noise and we’re all in this together. What she might have intended as being a little ditty about Covid-19 lockdown turned into a nice little pop rock track. “Stir Crazy” is actually crazy and contagiously good.

If you’re looking for a new, clever way of getting through this pandemic with song, then “Stir Crazy” is your jam. You can’t go wrong with Gabel’s top-performing voice and swerving music bed. She keeps you moving and grooving and “Stir Crazy” seems to be one of the anecdotes to boredom. I would also highly recommend this song to fans of Dolly Parton – she doesn’t have the twang Parton is known for, but Gabel has that special something in her voice that can’t be replicated. There were moments when she was singing that I thought I was listening to a mesh of “Jolene” and I know this is out there, but Grace Slick. She just has this gusto to her voice that is so great. There are moments when she has hues of bluey, eccentric delivery. That’s where the Slick reference came into play. Yeah, I know, it’s out there.


I found myself rooting for her, wanting to hear more and more of this song. I must admit I escaped more into the melody and the cadence more than actually immersing myself into the lyrics. I was definitely humming the tune hours later. This song made me feel a part of something, part of Gabe’s community. Her warmth and personality is just awesome.

Garth Thomas

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