The year 2020 became a time in history that will never be forgotten. It is one memory we all wish we didn’t have to share. However along with the tragedy came some of the most creative music ever written. One such song was called “Invisible Stranger” Chicago duo The PondHawks. It was edgy, energetic, and most relevant for the times at hand.

Fast forward to 2021, the song still remains relevant. It tells us about an “Invisible Stranger” in a doomsday warning, but it also gives us hope and inspiration. The song is still a winner with its driving upbeat music and carefully themed lyrics. The masters of the duo are Mario Novelli on guitar and lead vocals and Jorie Gracen playing the keys, the synthesizer and creating angelic harmonies. 

The PondHawks are largely recognized for their abilities to tell a story. They are blessed with a large fan base of over 600,000 and hit the top spots on Reverbnation as well as being Grammy nominated. 

“Invisible Stranger” will go down in history along with these times as a reminder of the isolation, and the fear, and desperation. Although times haven’t changed much there does seem to be some hope as in the song. But there also is still room for the warning with the new strains arriving. However, with songs like that of The PondHawks, it kind of makes it more endurable.

5/5 Stars

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