The iconic rap superstar Grandmaster Melle Mel and New York Club Kid Jason Chaos have just released “Concrete Shakin” a historic musical fusion of goth and rap.  The Goth/Rap track warns people to do something to save Earth’s social climate before it’s too late.

It’s a gothic melodic low keyed beat with a powerful rhyme. The message offered is loud and clear and screams beware. The words are chosen without hesitation and speaks of Thunder and concrete shaking. Club Kid Jason Chaos alerts the world as he strongly suggests, “Chaos going on in the world should not be an excuse to get things done. Don’t wait for the concrete to start shaking man.”

The track has the soul of Superman and the performance of The Avengers. It has a colorful and realistic texture that resonates with the crazy times we are going through. The song will be used the soundtrack of a movie about the pandemic that will be released later this year called “Duke of York” directed by Eric Rivas known for the “Vamp Bikers” and starring journalist Michael Musto.  

This song is essential purchase both for entertainment purposes and historic reasons. Chaos has now inaugurated the two unlikely genres for the first time and it is a successful collaboration. I am hoping to hear more of the same in the future. The record was released by “Crown Records” and is available for streaming on Spotify and Tidal. It can be purchased on Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon.

5/5 Stars 

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