“The world is not made of atoms. The world is made of stories.” – Muriel Ruykeser

Throughout the ages, from ancestors in ancient lands, to our mothers and fathers, stories have captured our imagination unlike anything else. And it is no doubt that some of the best storytellers are the most influential people in our communities, they are Leaders, they are School Teachers, they are Parents, they are Writers and Speakers.

Master Storyteller and Coach, Michale Gabriel the CEO and Founder of Story by Design, has used the power of story for more than 40 years to connect with the likes of Ronald Reegan, Fortune 500 CEOs and school children alike. 

Yet, as Michale explains, while audiences may vary, a Storyteller’s impact forever lies in the delivery: “It’s all about touching the heart and that’s what matters in our storytelling. We want our stories to land into people in a way that they can keep working them long past the telling.”

Telling stories is an art. By treating it as such, we can delve into developing the skills required to become a great storyteller and begin moving our audiences toward catalyzing their impact on the world in a shorter period of time.

“When you’re a leader—in business, in your community and in life—your story is what enables you to create authentic connections, build trust, motivate your employees, galvanize audiences and make an impact.”

It’s all about Connection. As you begin to authentically share the lessons that have shaped who you are today, your audience is brought in and thus allowed to imagine the possibilities that their own story holds.

According to Michale, the trick to creating authentic connections, lies in telling the story from within, rather than from a script:

“I never memorized a story and then told it. Storytelling is different from Story Writing. I would watch the childrens faces and I would notice when they seemed to lean in and really connect with the story. And afterwards as I was leaving at the end of the day, I would hear a child say ‘Mum, Mum the storyteller came today and she told me about…’ And I thought that’s good, because it means that I’ve delivered the story in such a way as to activate the child’s imagination and to allow that story to stick.”

Learning how to tell stories from within will require an inner journey of your own. As you begin the healing process to integrate your own limiting self-beliefs and release old conditioning, the way in which you tell stories will evolve. There is no need to people-please, there is no need to hold back, there is only truth and complete expression of the most impactful moments that will stay with the audience for years to come.

A key secret that all great storytellers will want you to know is that precision in the timing of delivery matters. It is a skill and one that with practice and patience will become your untold super power of potent story mastery! Never underestimate the power of being able to ‘read the room’ and with a basic level of awareness of human behavior you already have an advantage.

Rhonda Swan is known for hosting ‘The Room’ for impactful, inspiring and educational conversations and interviews from those who have dared to follow their dreams, straight into the ears, minds and hearts of those with big ambition. And this episode was absolutely that!

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