By Nathan James

It’s midnight in Manhattan, as the old song goes, and there’s calumny and intrigue afoot among those sizzling hot gay strippers we can’t seem to turn our eyes away from. That’s the prologue to the latest Here TV dramedy thriller series from the creative team at Novo Novus Productions, who brought you 2021’s critically acclaimed Collar Confessions miniseries, also on Here TV. Now, they’ve crafted GO GO, premiering next Friday, February 3. It’s a delectable (but very tongue-in-cheek) foray into the oft-hidden world of “The Home Boys” a group of young, gay erotic dancers, who populate the fantasies and ply the wallets of club patrons, gyrating and beckoning from the platforms and stages of Club Icon, a wildly popular exotic dance venue. The dancers work for drag legend Peaches, struggling in declining health, and her brother, inveterate gambler Solomon.   With the generosity of the proprietors at  Icon Astoria, a trendy real-life gay bar in the Astoria section of New York City, executive producers Dwight Allen O’Neal (the original “Gaylebrity”), NovoNovus chief and former MTV exec Dane Joseph, and Daniel Armando (who also directs), have brought the first season to steamy, offbeat life.  

Courtesy Novo Novus Productions

“{Icon Astoria’s] owners graciously allowed us to use this great queer space to film key scenes,” Armando tells The Hollywood Digest. “We just adopted the name to be the name of the fictional bar as well.” O’Neal, Armando, and Joseph have something a little different cooking here: behind the whimsical, darkly comedic exterior, the series also strives for accuracy in portraying the reality that goes with life as a stripper: “It was interesting to hear from some of the cast how accurate the show is to nightlife,” O’Neal ponders. “Each person mentioned knowing or hearing of some of the things we captured in the series. Let’s just say we did do our homework for this series.” The dancers portray their immigrant origins, something actor and vocalist Michael Miguel, who stars in the lead role, is proud to represent. “It was such an honor to play Franky in this production,” Miguel emphasizes.  “I got a chance to stretch my acting, singing, and dance skills and represent my Latin heritage through my art.”

Courtesy Novo Novus Productions

So how do the “Home Boys” end up in a police bullpen, suspects in a murder investigation? That’s where it gets complicated, just like the lives the characters themselves lead. “This series explores the nightlife scene through the eyes of a group of sex workers who are in NYC chasing their dreams,” O’ Neal says. In GO GO, sometimes the dream gives the dancers a flicker of the nightmare, as well. In crafting the series, the producers were introspective about their subject. “The Go Go scene is a staple in gay night life. In going into these bars that have go go dancers, we’ve been able to get to know them better and get an insight of who they really are, and what their life outside the bar is like,” Armando elaborates. “It really inspired us to look deeper into these gentlemen and create complex characters.” 

Authenticity was a watchword during the making of the first season’s four half-hour episodes.  That extends to the original soundtrack, O’Neal notes, “[Which] features music and musical performances of some of the hottest LGBTQ+ indie artists across the nation.” Those artists are a Who’s Who of LGBTQ+ talent, including Michael Miguel, Bry’NT,  Jewel The Gem, Marck Angel, and other signature musical voices of the community. Armando is excited about the series, and exhorts viewers to expect the unexpected. “With a diverse talented group of actors, this original series really lays in a strong punch.”

You can check out the official teaser at the GO GO Instagram page.  Don’t forget to subscribe to Here TV, so you won’t miss a single episode.