From across the pond in France, comes news that R&B sensation Marck Angel’s Justice, a powerful statement decrying racism, misogyny, anti-LGBGTQ hate, and xenophobia, has won this year’s Best LGBT Short at the venerable Cannes Short Film Festival. The video, which is part of Angel’s upcoming movie Seraphim, features popular, accomplished trans hip-hop artist Splash Tee and emerging rapper Los Lauren 718, in a parable for our time. Set against today’s growing climate of bigotry and homophobia, Justice speaks to the need to call hatred out for what it is, and directs the spotlight on vulnerable, marginalized communities everywhere.

Courtesy Shaela Lawson PR

The video, directed by R.E.D., and choreographed by Angel himself, was chosen by the judges at Cannes as a visual tour de force vividly depicting the plight of hate’s victims, while “justice’s” hands are metaphorically tied. The ninth annual CSFF, held in the world’s pre-eminent film city, makes tribute to the LGBTQ+ community, alongside traditional cinematic award categories. The Cannes win adds to Angel’s long list of accomplishments, such as doing the theme song for Roger Omeus, Jr.’s hit film Finding Me: Truth, winning the Music Award Of Excellence at the NYC Black Pride Heritage Awards, and headline performances at Harlem Pride. Angel also stars in Dwight Allen O’Neal’s signature LGBT-themed CockTales series.

“JUSTICE”, Marck Angel’s captivating video featuring Splash Tee
and LosLauren718, wins this year’s Best LGBT Short at Cannes Film Festival.

Marck Angel will return to the stage this summer, at Pride events and on tour all around the country.