The universe works in strange ways….but it always works! In a frenzied panic after learning that the girl who was to apply my hair extensions canceled last minute I held my blonde, wavy, real hair wefts in my hand in desperation. I was to leave for LA a few days later however the anxiety of going to Hollywood with my stringy, extensionless hair was not an option and Monday was my only available day in which to do this. 

In anguish and despair I stopped by Amron Copy to send a fax and explained my dilemma to Jen while threatening to visit every urban stylist in the area until I found someone who knew how to cornrow. Calmly Jen shared the fact that she had a client in my neighborhood who could do extensions. I smiled and acknowledged her statement not really believing in the possibility of getting my hair done that very day. 

Not 15 minutes later Latisha called me, the owner of “Sky’s The Limit Dry Bar” and informed me that coincidently she had just come from Amron and Jen gave her my number. It was a miracle !

I rushed to my car, extensions in hand, and took the 4 minute drive to the hair shop. Within an hour my extensions were tightly and perfectly sewn in, curtesy of Latisha who was adorned with midnight blue braided extensions herself. When I went to pay her she charged me to my disbelief only $60.00, (I would have paid anything at that point). 

Latisha is an experienced stylist who has been doing hair since age 13, although she didn’t look much older then that now.  Accomplished beauty shop owner “Dry Bar” is a full hair and make-up salon. Latisha also does work for New York Fashion Week and is an outrageous colorist as well. As a matter of fact I’ll be visiting her Thursday for some pinks and blues added to my awesome long brand new hair…..and she’s open 7 days a week !!!

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