Online shopping has definitely evolved in the past few years and we almost can’t keep track of how far it’s come. Women’s clothes now come in many styles and prints, with influences from all over the world. Contemporary local and international brands have spiked and this is a very exciting time in fashion!

However, it can be overwhelming having too many options to choose from. You definitely want the best of the best for yourself. With all the choices out there, it’s even harder to know which ones have great quality and which ones don’t! You might end up getting the short end of the stick if you make the mistake of shopping from the wrong place. Some clothing boutiques are better than others, and we’ll give you the rundown on high-quality fashion items and what makes them as such.

Fast fashion brands should not be your go-to for high quality items

To start, some brands run on fast fashion. All their clothes are produced by the thousands. The owners don’t even design their items, and they don’t go as far as fabric selection. Usually these brands will release a new collection every quarter of the year – you’d notice that the designs hardly change from last year’s collections, they are just using different colors and cuts. With fast fashion items, you get low quality clothing. Stitching is simple and minimal, fabrics are thin and easily worn-out, and let’s face it – you probably have the same item as hundreds of other girls around the globe. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that! But we do recommend the clothing boutiques that put more thought and effort into their designs.

Online boutiques with designed and hand-picked pieces are worth your money

The higher-quality clothing boutiques have more sustainable practices and unique items. Fashion designers really create the items by hand, choose from a variety of fabrics and prints, and oversee the sewing process of the prototype up until the final product is finished. So much work goes into just one piece, so imagine how they manage to tie an entire collection altogether!

Actually, these boutiques release a relatively small number of pieces per collection. The smaller-scale boutiques even zone in on specific pieces only – like lingerie, bikinis, or loungewear. This is because the designers initially stick to their expertise and branding.

Because of that you will also find that they cost a little bit higher than your usual fast fashion brands. But don’t let this turn you away! Your money is definitely worth it for the hand-picked fabrics, unique designs, and good business practices. Not to mention how their items come in limited quantities only without plans of restocking! This helps to preserve their collections and work sustainably with their raw materials and their employees as well.

To name a few of these online clothing boutiques all over the world, check our list below (in no particular order).

1.       Faithfull The Brand

2.       Ganni

3.       Lisou

4.       For Love and Lemons

5.       Kiki the Brand

6.       Voight by Valentina

7.       Rixo

8.       Kitri