Like a warm wind in the springtime, Kayden Gordon’s “Blamin Me” starts as beautifully as it concludes, strutting forth to a peaceful guitar melody that will only grow warmer as we press on. The mix is crisp and clean, and well before Gordon has started to sing it’s pretty obvious we’re going to be in for quite the romantic ballad in this performance. There’s a reflectiveness to the intro we discover shortly after pressing the play button on “Blamin Me” that you won’t be able to shake no matter how many times you hear the song; it’s in the very spirit of the music, and the man who inspired it made sure to preserve this element of his new single at all costs.


The number one reason to check out anything by Kayden Gordon is his singing voice, which is becoming one of my favorites to have risen out of obscurity in the past year. Rock music doesn’t have enough players who care about the delicate tonal conveyances the old guard once relied on when making a powerful slow song, but that could be why this particular singer/songwriter is so exciting to find right now. He’s representing a dying breed within the industry today, and whether he’s aware of it or not, he’s carrying on a torch that some critics had feared might have been extinguished as long as five years ago. That’s not the case, and there’s no arguing it in a song like this one.

This guitar-born harmony in “Blamin Me” isn’t just a backbone to the vocal Gordon is putting down from the helm of the ship; it’s an extension of the lyrical mood in more ways than one. It creates the rustic setting that my man occupies with as colorful a poetic picture as he can create, and if he’s this adept at such an early point in his career, I have to wonder how good he’s going to be after getting another album under his belt in the next year or two. He’s already got a lot of eyes on his music, but if he can cultivate a following on the live circuit, he’s going to become an unstoppable player sooner rather than later.


I hadn’t heard much of this scene’s work before stumbling across this new gem, but tracks like this one are going to keep me in his camp for some time to come. Gordon has got a natural ability he isn’t shy about showing off in “Blamin Me,” and if he steers clear of the arrogance that brings a lot of talented rock singers down before their prime, that ability is only going to get sharper with each song he stamps his name on. It’s still very soon to know what his complete emotional capacity as a songwriter will eventually look like, but as of this moment, he needs to be near the top of every rock music aficionado’s watch list. 2024 has a lot of interesting music coming down the pipes, but this power ballad is one you won’t want to miss.

Garth Thomas