Tech guru Katie Linendoll helps all get acquainted with the Houseparty video chatting app

Katie Linendoll is a regular fixture as tech expert for The Today Show and The Rachael Ray Show and her new recommendation comes in the form of a free fun face-to-face social network app called Houseparty that is hosting a three-day event from May 15-17. .

While the Houseparty app is cool on its own and helps connect you with your friends and family, it is hosting an In the House party lineup that features many celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Dua Lipa, Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, John Legend, David Blain, Lindsey Harrod, Cam Newton, Gabi Butler, CHVRCHES, Bad Bunny, DaBaby.

The In the House party lineup can be seen here.

At this party, people can enjoy music performances, group workouts, cooking classes and more. And some of your favorite celebrities interact in unexpected ways: Check out Alicia Keys… And during and even after this event, you can invite your friends for a private hangout session.

Katie Linendoll, an Emmy Award-winning TV personality, writer and global technology consultant who has some street cred on this kind of app, spoke with Michelle Tompkins for The Hollywood Digest about her recent move, her upcoming projects, what makes Houseparty so special and why people should tune into the In the House party with Houseparty and more.

Check out the info on this Houseparty here:

Katie Linendoll may be found here and In the House party lineup can be seen here and check out general info on the app here.