Love the name Run the Fire! How did it come to be? 

Initially we had a lot of different ideas on what the band name should be. And we were playing with different sounds overall to find the perfect match. And we wanted the name to be powerful and intriguing, so our listeners can question themselves and ask: what do they mean by this name, what does it mean?”. Kyle did a lot of research and the name has a story, but we want to keep it a secret for now. We encourage our listeners to feel the music, feel the vibe and decide for themselves what Run The Fire means to them. To give you a little bit more details, we want to add that one of the band members, Alexandrina, originally from Belarus, used to be a runner in middle school, taking part in various competitions and winning first places in those. And we feel that our music overall has some energy in it, some fire, hence the name “fire” in the band name overall. 

“Lay Low” is a great single and we LOVE the music video! Were there any challenges in recording the song or filming the music video?

Thank you so much, we’ve been really happy to see how a lot of different people react to the single and so far it has been great! We recorded the song in one of the rooms, where one of the band members lives. We would not say there were any major challenges. Since we have all the necessary equipment to record songs at home, quarantine was a blast to us! the same story with the music video, we were filming it in Los Angeles. And due to the pandemic, there were not many people on the streets, so it was perfect time to shoot for us! Although we got kicked off the parking lot establishment, since it was not allowed to film there and Kyle almost died from starvation)). But I would say, it just added a little something to the filming fun. 

Who did you first go to, to listen to the song? 

OF course we first showed the song to our musicians friends, to get their opinions, and then family. For Alexandrina, her family is far away, about 10k miles away. And they always support her journey here, in the States.”When I showed them “Lay Low” , my family was super excited, they liked the song a lot and mentioned that it feels like the song is from the movie”, – says Alexandrina. Which is not far from the truth, since Kyle has a lot of experience creating music for films. We hope that “Lay Low” and the rest of the songs from the upcoming EP could appear in movies as well! As to Kyle, when he showed the song to all of his  musician friends, they really liked the production style and the voice on the song.    

What are you most excited about when it comes to releasing the new single? 

We love what we do and our music, and the most exciting part for us when releasing a new single, is feeling this connection with the world through our music! It is priceless, and when someone comments or texts you , mentions how awesome your song is – this is the best feeling! It makes you feel that you are doing something right. Even if one person can feel more alive after listening to our songs, or overall feel emotions, we are happy. Music is art, and it meant to be shared! So we want to share what we do with the world. It’s like when you are travelling, which we by the way love to do, there is a certain joy when you are travelling by yourself, you can explore yourself, be more in touch with your soul, but if you are travelling with someone else, someone you know, of even a stranger and share some amazing experiences together  – it feels good, it feels like someone understands you and it feels like you are not alone. So when we share our music and the world replies, you feel this connection, you feel this special bond through something you created. IT is really something! And we want to thank every person, who listens to our music, gives reactions, comments, writes us a cool message. We write music to be shared , and you help us do it, and we are so happy you like it! Thank you!

You have an EP coming out as well! What’s the vibe of it and when can we expect the drop? 

Our EP , called “Run The Fire” is coming out on February 13th 2021. It has a sort of mysterious vibe to it. Each song is different in terms of style and emotion. But what connects all these songs together is the ambient , ethereal vibe represented with trip hop style, a bit a mix of everything; rock, jazz, pop, alternative, hip hop. Our listeners would be able to hear us both sing on the record as well as listen to instrumental tracks. We wouldn’t say our tracks are super happy, we like darker music overall, we are the outsiders, we get lonely, we get upset sometimes, but when creating music we feel so free and somehow connected to the world. And we hope our listeners will get a similar feeling when listening to the tracks! We want to take the world on a mysterious journey a bit outside of the current moment and play! 

 Where can the readers go to listen to “Lay Low” and keep up with all your music updates? 

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