When was the last time you were truly overwhelmed with joy?  

Actually, very recently!  I just had my movie premiere for Seaper Powers and to watch all these people come and celebrate with me, watching their faces.  Everyone was so happy to be there, it was very overwhelming, if a very good way.  It gave me such joy to see and feel the support.  

Who brings you the most joy when you hear good feedback on your music?

My toughest critics.  When they love my songs, then I know I did something right!  And, believe me, I do not always do something right!   It’s easy for someone to say ‘oh, nice song, or oh, great song.’  But for true music lovers, if they say, ‘I just added this to my playlist,’ I smile.

Has there been a time that critique has been tough to take?

Oh, critiques are hard to take, but I find them part of the learning and understanding process.  I also weigh them. If I get a similar comment from more than one person, I definitely need to change something. If it is a one off, then, I take a pause.  I listen again.  Then again, and make a decision if something should change.

You have new music out, can you talk about it with us?

Actually, I released Show Me You Feel and remixes which have been doing exceptionally well on the charts, but and you are the first to know, I am just finishing a brand new record!  It’s called ‘Don’t Give Me No.’  Another love song, but this has a dance jungle vibe to it, a very different sound for me, still in the house genre but, I think people will stop and wonder if that is really from me.  So, stay tuned!

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