What is the most significant highlight of the year for you so far? 

So many special things have happened so far this year, meeting some amazing producers for our upcoming music projects, doing a bunch of collaborations with companies we stand with, writing music together, working with the Bsquared team, putting out new YouTube videos every week and connecting with our fan community the Earth Headz every week have all been blessings

What insight have you learned from any challenges and/ or success you’ve learned from it? 

Gotta always be upfront and honest. Speak from the heart or don’t speak at all, easier said than done sometimes but truth we constantly remember. If you’re on time you’re late. Work smarter not harder and there’s always room to grow. We face challenges and successes everyday as that is the eb and flow of life, we are reminded constantly that our connections to one another and our planet are so important and there’s plenty of room to be thankful. 

What are you looking forward to with your new music? 

We’re really looking forward to the vibe of our first album and singles we’ve been working on. It finally fully feels like us, our sound has matured and incorporates a lot more back and forth harmonies and vocal connection between Ian and Sierra. Amped for the energy we’re bringing forth and think the message is needed right now…also music videos

What do you want to sound off on right now that fans should pay attention to? 

We’re working on a full visual EP for our last Ep Dunia, it’s going to be lit. The storyline will consist of multi-dimensional time hoping between “reality” and dream world. Touching on themes of duality and our connection with nature vs our connection to technology and how that affects the psyche of generations growing up in such an exposed world. To get exclusive updates on this project and all of our future releases Join our fan community, the Earth Headz here https://go.bloomingfiremusic.com/earth-headz

Your activism is inspiring, how can someone get involved if they don’t know where to start first?

The earth needs as many warriors as possible, we’re up against huge corporations who care more about greed and profit then the survival of the planet or the human race…what got us inspired to be the change we want to see was education, watching documentaries! They are hard to watch but important films of our time and a real wake up call. A couple of our favorites are Gasland, Cowspiracy, Tapped, Before the Flood, What the Health, 13th and so many more! Another great way to make small changes in your day to day life is recycle, compost, eat as little animals products as possible, shop local, support local farmers, buy organic, grow some of your own food, donate old clothing, don’t buy fast fashion, use natural cleaning products…the list is endless but remember to be easy on yourself and take it one step at a time…infinitely bloom the fire within your soul. 


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