Many news outlets and recovered patients have accredited renown Healer Guru Yogi Mohan in offering ancient wisdom, healing practices, and perhaps the secret to sustainable health and healing of all ailments, disease, and deformity.

After many successful trials, Guru Yogi Mohan is now focused on introducing another version of health science to the world! 

The Heritage Campus is undertaking a professional technical education program in Disability Elimination Technology (DET), offline and online, which is conceived from traditional and heritage knowledge. The course content is based on ancient scientific philosophies that are void of any medicine. It is a one-year part-time course available for all working class. Upon successful completion, the graduate would have the capability to normalize human conditions and rare disease. 

This course is centered on learning how to eradicate medicine to treat global human conditions, rare diseases and physical deformities, thereby becoming a practitioner of DET. 

Explore how you can further your knowledge and ability offline and online, through the Heritage Campus Trust, with personal testimony from Guru Yogi Mohan himself!

      What type of students are you seeking? 

At the Heritage Campus Trust, we are recognizing the ancient methodologies and rituals as true sciences that offer capabilities to manage, eradicate, reform, and reinstall human disabilities with tools to forecast and reorganize them. 

Our mission is to teach this technology worldwide, dedicated to the world. After successful completion of this course one can manage disabilities, rare disease deformities and any kind of problems, incurable by the medical system. So, we need students for this course who are only interested in helping to eradicate illnesses and rare diseases, disabilities, and such problems. 

Our first priority for the studentship are the parents of the disabled children. They can lead a strong role in society because they simply understand the fundamentals of human disabilities. Our second priority are for the medical professionals, nurses, health workers special educators, and educational professionals because they are already involved with social health problems and related administrations. Our final priority is focused on social reformers, leaders future educated, etc. Our program is absolutely a professional course that they can lead their profession within health management, by administrating the ancient format of non-published rare knowledge.  

      There are so many options for furthering education and/or career paths. Why are the classes you teach so vital, and what is the competitive edge? 

This course can be divided into two segments. The first is the professional course with practice to manage human disability and rare diseases. It is a new age technology and new theory that helps to manage all the major health problems and illnesses. The second segment is centered on academic interest for adding with another knowledge. This course truly teaches specific technique for more than a thousand problems in the human body. 

The knowledge bestowed in these educational courses is absolutely rare information that is new to society for theory and practice, dealing with traditional knowledge since 3000 BC to date. It consists of many technical know-hows for normalizing human disabilities and their rare diseases. It is more than a course—offering the true technology and knowledge base to each and every student. Students will retain the ability to deal with the human body from classifying, controlling, and changing all types of problems, to include: aging control, disease control, disability control, and how to change it based on the classification of disability. It is an online course with lectures, and every student receives 24-hour question and answer section to reveal the information. 

During the course period itself, every student has the opportunity to manage one full project. All the step-by-step procedure, teaching them from the beginning to end, and every student will have the opportunity to visit and underline the things personally for one-week with our compass in India. This is the first time that this technology has become available to society, and hence there is no competition. 

      As more of the Western professionals open up to Eastern Medicine and/or techniques, do you see this as an opportunity to become the first to offer education and satellite classes here in the U.S.? Also, is this an opening for your students and/or groups to open up facilities and learning centers here in the States? 

Our new findings and innovation help people with disabilities and rare diseases. During the first part of our training course, students will learn about a wide-range of present-day information, using the most modern infrastructure, artificial intelligence, computer science, and the robotic system.  

More effective than on-campus training, our digital courses enable all students the freedom to choose their classes—and every student will receive a credit for 300 hours. They can select this period through a credit system within three years, and minimum of 1 year for course completion. Student information will be available 24 hours a day, with presentations available throughout the world at the same time.  

While our campus and administration is based in India, we have plans to open more centers, globally, within a few years. Our teachings are highly valuable to society, as we solving a big social problem  

      Do students have to go to India to attend the college? 

Students have the liberty to practice the curriculum during the training period, and study at their leisure and privacy. It is a DIY course, so the more time that students practice and apply their knowledge, the better. My lecture classes with light board training are offers the complete scope of information directly to the class, and any student came meet me in person as well. We offer a traditional form of education, basically connecting with the true tradition of ancient knowledges to share the techniques.  

      Is there any financial aid, grant, and/or loan system to help students afford these classes? 

We have two options: 

  1. Students can pay the course with 6 monthly installments after enrolling.
  2. The Heritage Campus offers a 40% discount for the parents of disabled children.
  3. Also, students can receive a 40% discount for a group that consists of 20+ people.   

      What types of interest do students of your program typically demonstrate?

The basic purpose for joining these courses is to acquire rare and ancient knowledge. We know many things, but we don’t know how much we know. There are different opinions about those mysteries, epics, and different systems of practices for many thousands of years. Our society is defining everything based on their guessing and own information. 

Specifically, we are exploring the fundamental aspect of creation and how it happened—the day-by-day development, changes of nature, and in being—as well as how we can see and control all those things. For that, there is definite scientific approach that we are teaching each student. 

When students truly understand the technology, they tend to find it enjoyable and want to learn more as their craft. All the creations have a basic algorithm, and we can change that. One who has mental maturity and ability to read, write, speak, and understand English, will love this course.

      What can one do with the education you will be providing to them? 

After successfully completing this course, students will understand the uniqueness of the human body, and how it can be defined—which is quite different than the known medical biology of today.

The human body has a unique biology that is defined differently in many other factors that can be classified, defined, understood, and organized for the rectification of all kinds of human disabilities. More than 1,000 rare diseases, including HIV, different kinds of hypoxia, aesthetic corrections, hormone disorder,s and many more can be normalized and taught through our courses. It is like the knowledge in computer education before the computer was introduced to society. Similarly, this is a new technology and terminology. 

As part of a project, mission 2025, let us try to eradicate human disabilities from the world. Every student will be part of the world project and practice disability normalization. We will support them morally and technically.  

      How long is the program?

The program duration is 11 months and 350 hours. Students can complete this course within 3 years, with the 350 hours of credit.  

      Are the programs self-paced? 

Basically, this course program is designed like a recipe for a cooking class. In cooking class, the details about the item will be presented in structure of ingredients and procedure prior to even entering the kitchen. The time span of cooking in each ingredient will be indicated, and by practicing the same process will allow the student to become an expert. Similarly, throughout our educational courses, we will provide the fundamentals used in the tradition for changing each and everything for human beings, it’s reasonings, climates, seasons, etc. 

Our classes also teach the interpretation and verbiage used by ancient Masters, and how they received the knowledge to change a human body, their results and how they were obtained. During this period, students can communicate their areas of confusion and doubts, and will receive immediate answers. Collectively, there are question and answer sections throughout the program, so it is not self-paced then. At the end of the course, students can select a project as a part of their study—during that period, they will be self-paced. The project will be normalizing, student-selected, disability or rare disease.

      What can they do with it after? 

Students can start working with disabilities, rare diseases, and deformities, usable for the public. This does not contain any medicine nor any intaking, so any special license is not mandatory.  

      Where can people learn more about this opportunity?

More information can be available from the website Everyone can be the part of disability elimination mission and eradication program. 

Learn more: , 

Contact Guru Yogi Mohan directly via email: [email protected]