Los Angeles, CA, October, 05 2022– Hemp is becoming more and more popular as a natural
alternative to many products that people use on a daily basis. The problem is that hemp-derived
CBDs and other cannabinoids are not easily absorbed by the skin, which makes it harder for
people to get the benefits from them. With its patented Hourglass™ topical creams, Grapefruit
USA Inc.(OTCQB: GPFT) (“Grapefruit” or the “Company”) has solved this problem. These
topical creams are made with only the purest form of hemp-derived CBD Isolate with a purity
rating exceeding 99%.

Grapefruit USA Inc. has quickly become one of the leading companies in the hemp industry by
offering high-quality CBD products to consumers around the world. The company has worked
hard to develop a proprietary formulation process to create the world’s first and only patented
CBD time release cream for the topical delivery of Cannabinoids.

The Hourglass creams can be used anywhere on the body including your face, neck and hands.
The amount of time that one should apply these creams depends on how much each individual
needs them. The Hourglass cream is THC-free and contains only CBD, so users can take
advantage of the holistic benefits of CBD. The cream is released in phases over a period of 4 to
8 hours, and its patented Cannabinoid-impregnated silica particles penetrate the skin.

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About Grapefruit

Grapefruit’s corporate headquarters is in Westwood, Los Angeles, California. Grapefruit holds
California permits and licenses to both manufacture and distribute cannabis products in the
Golden State. Grapefruit’s extraction laboratory and manufacturing and distribution facilities are
located in the industry-recognized Coachillin’ Industrial Cultivation and Ancillary Canna-
Business Park in Desert Hot Springs, located on the extension of North Canyon Road,
approximately 14 miles north of downtown Palm Springs. To obtain further information on
Grapefruit and its operations, please visit the company’s website at https://grapefruitblvd.com/.

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