The groove heavy “Girlfriend” from Colorado’s Jessica Jimenez is the sultry hit of the spring. Murky bass lines with bright bursts, Jimenez’s slow-roll pitch is the epitome of a girl that has moved on with her life. Or has she? Her lyrics and vocals coil around the music bed in a way that feels right for the club scene or even a smooth ride into the city – “Girlfriend” keeps the rhythm flowing along, with an exciting songstress at the mic helm.


Now you got yourself a girlfriend now, Jimenez sings. Her cadence is like Post Malone, but she has a serious Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande vibe happening. No, I’m not mad, she later sings. She’s very calm throughout the track, and I felt like she was singing the words right out of her journal or diary. She’s facing the music, so to speak, and doesn’t want to let on that she’s hurt this guy has moved on, but she still feels like she’s better than the new girlfriend. A part of me thinks she’s not over things because of that, or it could be just her way of showcasing her confidence. It could also be the very relatable scenario that as humans we say one thing, but keep our true feelings hidden. I think she’s leaving the door open. 

The backbeat happening is like a cooling effect. It’s like things are sizzling down. If the musical notes were colors, they would definitely be cobalt blues and dark purples, but with vibrant oranges and blood reds popping in-and-out. I think it signals the hot and cold feelings. “Girlfriend” weaves continuously through those emotions. There is restraint – and an ebb and flow to the motions, but overall, the chill vibe hits a lot of peaks. I think Jimenez and her production team really put their hearts on their sleeves with this track and it’s genuinely sincere. Supposing she performed this song live in-concert, I think she could easily translate the emotional draw with an acoustic guitar. It would go over quite well. She wouldn’t miss a beat with the flavor and the impact. 


Jimenez previously released “That’s Her” way back in 2017 had some spins on Denver’s FLO 107.1 radio. She definitely has a ‘radio ready’ voice, but I would caution listeners to group her with just any other female pop singer. She has a depth to her voice that is laid-back, but it’s also charming and somewhat delicate. I would be anxious to hear her sing something with a bit more lyrical content to compare. I think she sings in an excellent way in “Girlfriend” but I’d love to see how she shapes up on a more lyrically challenging tune. 

“Girlfriend” is a great addition to any power pop playlist. I think if you’re in the mood for a subdued track, and want to just let your mind melt away, then this is a great start. Fans of Grande, Lopez, Brittany Spears and Post Malone will surely dig this gem. 

Garth Thomas