We all have magic in our lives. In this week’s episode of The Rhonda Swan Show we had a chance to become even more perceptive to the wonders with the magical guest – Patti Negri – a psychic, medium and a “Good witch”. Patti is best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel and Discovery +  show “Ghost Adventures” and the paranormal show on YouTube “TFIL with Elton Cassie”. 

Patti has contributed to over 20 different books,she is also the international bestselling author of “Old world magick for the modern world: Tips, Tricks & Techniques to balance, empower & create a life you love”. Patti worked with celebrities like Emma Stone, John Boy, Josh Kilimo, Chevy Chase and Gregory Hines. 

Rhonda Swan: Patti, your energy is so contagious and magical! Let me know what is going on with your schedule and the things that you do on the magic side? Some people don’t even know if it’s real or not, so please tell us more about the work that you do!

Patti Negri: Ghost Adventures is real – it wouldn’t be in 28 seasons. And believe me – every time I don’t get to know where I’m going, because we don’t want anything pre-set. I show up at a place and tell people what happened on the medium side, the psychic side and the witch side. 

I’ve been working with Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman on “Portals to hell”, and for some reason my audience keeps getting younger. I think the younger generation is so open about the idea that there’s so much more in life than what we see right in front of us, there’s so much magic. 

If you just tweak somebody’s idea of magic, even if it’s on a TV-show, or YouTube or Bad Girls Club,  you are bringing these new ideas, that people actually can control their lives. Or that they can take track of their lives and don’t have to do what everybody tells them to do, in a good way. 

Rhonda Swan: I have your book called “Old world magick for the modern world: Tips, Tricks & Techniques to balance, empower & create a life you love”, and in the back of this book you say: “Use your inner magic to solve problems and create a happy life”. This is exactly what empowerment is. Let’s talk about why you wrote this book, and how you are inspiring and empowering so many different generations now?

Patti Negri: I’ve been in a victim mindset a lot. And now, when I work with people, I am noticing that people do give away their power – to other people, to limiting belief systems, to fear. 

And the tiniest little tweak, when they move their vision, can introduce them to a whole other world. 

I am an LA Girl, I don’t have time for a lot – I’m fast, I’m simple, I’m an elemental witch – I work with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. 

Sometimes I don’t have an hour to meditate, I need a 30-seconds solution. Feel emotional – run your hands under the water or take a shower – water releases everything. Got a chatter head – that’s an air element – breathe. Not feeling grounded – touch wood, grab a stone, grab a crystal or hug a tree. 

There’s something true about all this, so I just wrote a book of life hacks. For example, why it’s good to eat basil, if you’re in an argument. Or why you want to keep your room clean, if you are looking for love. It’s that simple and you don’t have to be a witch, you don’t have to be a psychic or a medium to use it.

Rhonda Swan: Yes, and these are the lessons that we’ve known for thousands of years. That alone could shift someone out of their day just by understanding how to use these techniques.

Patti Negri: Yes, also maybe you just need to work with sound too. We know how important words are, but people forget how strong the sounds are. Just think about it – almost every sacred word is built with vowels. “Amen”, “Om”,  or Native American “Heya”. Falling in love – “Ah!”, excitement – “Oh!”. 

If you’re feeling that you cannot think straight – try to chant “A” or “Om” or even “E” – you will see how the chatter stops, the fog lifts and the clarity comes in. Early humans knew it because they were out in nature. 

Some of us got in the city. We’ve got controlled light, we’ve got controlled temperature, we’ve got controlled everything. We don’t look up, we don’t look at the moon, we don’t look at the sun. 

Just following the moon cycles changes everything. We are almost 60% water – and everybody knows “the full moon is crazy”. But what if every full Moon we just got outside and said some gratitude for everything we have? 

Whoever you’re thanking – God, or your Higher Power, your Higher Self, your guides, or the Moon itself. Give gratitude and then ask for what you want. We are tapping into your tide, into your 60% Moon. 

Next two weeks, while the moon is waning – wake up in the morning, and let go of what you’ve worried too much. Everything you are willing to let go of is 10 times easier if you do it during the waning Moon. 

When we get to the new Moon – that’s when we go inside and contemplate what we want in our lives.  

Then the next two weeks of waxing Moon – add more joy into your life,, more time for yourself. 

Simple as that, the good stuff in your life gets better and faster.

Rhonda Swan: Let’s talk about intuition. Do you think that a lot of that realizations and what you’ve done as a young person has brought you into where you are now, in the roles that you are and the role you’re able to play? Has intuition played a factor in the all successful stuff that you’ve got?

Patti Negri: Yes, completely. I’ve gone from the medical profession, been an actress, I’ve run a production. But it’s a dance – there is destiny – where we’re destined to be there, as fate, and there’s free will. 

Those of us who could learn to dance with life and use the intuition that we were given, can invite magic into our lives.

Rhonda Swan: I’m so excited about you being the part of our Women Gone Wild Intuition book and I am so incredibly grateful for you bringing your knowledge and your wisdom. What do you think is the bigger message for women today when it comes to intuition?

Patti Negri: I think the Covid situation was like a slap you on our face – we’ve been literally told to go to our rooms for two years, stay there and figure out what’s important. 

This is why I think a big spiritual awakening happened. A very elemental awakening for our planet.

People tend to go back to a belief system – they go back to religion, they’re finding new alternative spiritualities, some people turn to self-help, and some even becoming ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, because they know that there’s something more than they see on the TV. 

People want to know that they can have some control and that they have choice. 

Intuition will give us all of that – that we as these brilliant beings forgot.

Rhonda Swan:  I’ve noticed – as the world is opening, women are either tapping into their spiritual side and their intuition, or they’re going really hard because they feel like they have to go heavy in the masculine work. What do you think – how do we start getting this flow together so we really understand the power and balance?

Patti Negri: Nobody has to be a witch. Nobody has to be elemental. Nobody has to know the Native American way, or shamanic way, or Peruvian way. And as we look at this reaction and consciousness, then our intuition comes back. 

We just can sit by a tree, right on the ground and our spine along the trunk of the tree and ask for wisdom. In every belief system the trees are the wisdom keepers, they have the answers. We just have to listen. Then the chatter slows down a little. 

Rhonda Swan: Let’s talk about University Magickus, because I know you do a lot of this work there. 

Patti Negri: We literally call University Magickus a real-life Hogwarts. 

It’s an old-school spirituality school. We do not teach anyone belief systems at all. 

We have over 20 teachers now – from very witchy people to very new-agey people, Reiki masters, hypnotists, astrologers and vampires. 

We just brought a werewolf on – he doesn’t dress up in a first suit, he’s actually a professor at the University of Washington. We also have a Catholic priest. 

So it’s like a smorgasbord – we are learning about crystals, about positive thinking, and lots of other things.

Rhonda Swan: This is amazing! Tell me please – what’s next for you, Patti?

Patti Negri: If you like paranormal, we have a streaming service. It’s like Netflix, but it’s all paranormal. Overall – I’m on the road right now, so I’m all over the world from the States to Australia and Europe, and I embrace how beautiful life is.

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