How are you feeling about this year’s music you’ve put out so far? 

I feel great about the music I’ve put out so far this year. They’re all songs written and produced by me as well as songs I’ve created during this pandemic. So they’re extra special to me lol. It’s also the first time I’m playing keys and drum programming on a track.

The year is coming to an end! What are you doing in these last few months musically?

I can’t believe it’s already 2022 lol. These last few months I’ll be prepping for my EP that’ll be dropping early 2022. It’s called “Wake Up and Get It” and is written and produced by me. The title track “Wake Up and Get It” is about getting yourself out of self doubt and depression and realizing your power.

What are you working on right now in the studio? 

Right now I am working on completing my album. I’ve recorded a lot of songs during the pandemic and right now I’m just sorting through the ones I’d like to keep.

What are your studio sessions looking like these days? 

These days my studio sessions are either virtual or at home. I don’t mind too much because I get to record in my pajamas haha. I also love it because I have more control in my sessions and I’m learning to be a better engineer.

Is it just you when you go to record or do you work with others? 

For the most part it is just me but I work with my boyfriend a lot on some of these songs. You can hear him playing guitar and bass in most of my songs. I also write for other artists and with other artists for their projects and collaborations.

Who is the person that you want to work with next whether it’s putting them on a track or just producing? 

I would love to work with Raphael Saadiq or Pharrell. Especially if they’re producing the track. They are two of my favorite producers and it would be an honor just to be in the same room as them.

How are you customizing your sound in your next tracks? 

I feel like I’m customizing my sound by putting my own spin on things. A lot of my music is influenced by one of my favorite eras, the 90’s and I try to capture that as well as my unique spin and style in my music. My sound is a blend of multiple genres and I think that helps as well.

How do you make sure that you’re customizing your overall vision for your music? 

I make sure I am customizing my overall vision by staying true to myself and my sound. It’s so easy to get caught up in following trends. I make sure whatever I put out definitely feels and sounds like Sydney Raneé.

What is your overall vision for yourself!? 

My overall vision for myself would be to release this new album and go on tour with it. I would love to tour domestically as well as internationally. I would also love to perform at the Grammys as well as other award shows.

How are you leading with love with your music?

I’m leading in love with my music by sharing my love and my stories throughout my music. I feel like there are a lot of people that have gone through a lot of things I talk about in my songs and I feel it’s my way of giving them love and connecting with them.

Where can you be followed on social media?

Yes I can. You can find all my social media profiles on my website is

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