We would love to learn more about you. Tell us about yourself, we would love to hear more about your story and who you are? 

I am 19 years old. I just started a new adventure in life as I moved away to college. It is the first time I have really been on my own so it is exciting and a little scary but I have been blessed with a strong support system of friends and family who are always here for me. My college is less than two hours from home so it’s not too far away but far enough away for me to grow up and be independent. I am wanting to join a Dance Team. My major is Theatre so I will be very active in college. Between balancing school work, college activities, and my career, I imagine I will be pretty busy but I am so looking forward to what lies ahead for me. 

You are huge on Tik Tok  – What was your first video?

I actually got my first start with videos on Musical.ly. I am from a family of nine children so I was looking for a way to find my own individuality. Some friends told me about the Musical.ly app and I immediately fell in love with making videos. I would just go out into my backyard and make dancing videos. It was a natural transition to Tik Tok. I think my first actual Tik Tok video was in August 2016. I can’t remember exactly the first video I made but I can tell you it wasn’t pretty. I laugh when I look back at my old videos because I was so young and had this wild long bleached hair. 

Tell us what your favorite quarantine snack has been. 

I have always been a huge Mac and Cheese fan. When things started flying off the shelves during quarantine, I had to make sure I stockpiled as much Mac and Cheese as I could find. I can eat it all day every day. Ha!

You have also done some modeling – how did you get into that?

I have always enjoyed dressing up and looking my best. I try to stay hip with the latest trends. I believe it is so important to take care of your health both physically and mentally. I work out a lot to keep my body in shape and the dancing all day definitely helps with my workouts. I also make sure I use great hair and skin products and make sure I have healthy daily regimens. A lot of nice people would compliment me and ask me if I was a model. I would always tell them no and the response would be that I should get into the industry. I decided to check it out and work on a portfolio and that was how it all started. 

What is your advice for anyone wanting to break into the TikTok scene and gain followers? 

I would say just be you. Don’t try to be someone different than who you are. Original content is very important. I try to show my fans a different side of me constantly. I like to change it up and give them content that I know will be entertaining. I also post frequently. I believe if you are out of sight you are out of mind so I try daily to make and post videos. I also actually read all the feedback. The web can be harsh at times and sometimes people don’t say the nicest things, but I learned how to not take it personally and to see it as constructive criticism and then I work on how I can improve. There is always opportunity for growth and development to get better. My last piece of advice is just have fun! TikTok is there for the entertainment of yourself and others and go out and enjoy yourself when making your videos. My motto is live your best life and I strive to do that every day.

Where can fans find you on social media?

 I am all over the place. I usually make daily Tik Toks so you can find me on there @nicgonlas. My Instagram is also Nicgonlas. 

End of Interview