Great to have you here.  Please tell us about yourself and your latest endeavor!

Great to be here! I’m a singer, songwriter and vocal coach from Sweden, now living in NYC. My latest endeavor is a video release of the ABBA song “Money, Money, Money”. I collaborated with the Swedish a cappella group “Riltons Vänner” and it was so fun making our rendition of this epic track! Lots of humor and exciting harmonies! We have gotten a great response and I’m so happy to be releasing music again.

Early riser or 2am just getting to bed? 

 Haha I’m in the habits of an old lady and like going to bed on time and seize the day 🙂 That also makes the 2am nights more fun!

Everyone loves a winner.  What do you think it takes to be one?

Every win counts. If you’re doing the work and being true to yourself, you’re a winner to me.

How has ART changed your life?

Well, what would I be without art!? I have used music to express myself since always 🙂 Many different forms of art inspires me and it has helped me to connect to my emotions and become who I am. Being a singer is not just my profession – it’s my identity.  

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