Congratulations on your latest single Away from Me! Tell us about this single and what the core of it is about?

I wrote “Away From Me” after my dad died last year. It was a moment of finally being able to push through the pain and open up again. It was a much needed reminder that “I’m still me” and needed to keep being creative and doing what I love, because I was ready to give it up. I think we all get lost when we lose someone close to us. For me, music has been a means of me finding my way back to who I really am, and who my dad knows me to be. 

Favorite part of the single that the fans are most excited about?

Fans and friends are really into how relatable it is. I’ve heard many different stories of what it reminds people of from an X, to a certain place, and even someone’s dog!  To me as a songwriter, that is an incredible achievement. I write about my experiences and what inspires me with the hopes that it touches and inspires even one other person. 

What is the messaging you’re pushing for?

That we are resilient beings who can find the will to overcome things and keep on living. 

Do you ever dedicate singles? Does this one have a special dedication?

This one is always dedicated to my dad. But, it is also dedicated to everyone going through a loss of someone or something really important to them. I believe everyone has felt a form of that in these past few years of trying times. I hope it helps people cope and find their strength. 

How are you showing off this single?

With a beautiful lyric video that I art directed!  I’m really proud of it. You can check it out here on my Youtube channel:

Have you performed it live recently?

I actually performed this song last month at some unofficial showcases at SXSW. This was my first SXSW and, ironically, my father’s name is Austin. It was such a beautiful and wild feeling of connection around all of that. 

Where are you performing LIVE next?

This Saturday April 23rd at The Bowery Electric for my birthday gig!

Wednesday May 18th for an industry showcase at Arlene’s Grocery. I haven’t been on that stage in years and it’s got such an old school New York vibe. Really looking forward to it. 

Any more exciting news to share?

Yup. Super excited to share that we just wrapped a final studio mix on the next single. That will be mastered next and then released in late spring/early summer.  I LOVE keeping it moving with continuously creating and rolling out new music, songs, videos, shows…all the things. I can’t stop and don’t plan on it anytime soon. 

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