Tastefully small when it comes to lyrics, but far-reaching when it comes to music, the two new tracks “So Cold” and “Lovin Clubbin” from Italian musician/composer Gabriele Saro features Yves Agbessi and Francesco Siliotto. Newer style synth elements, with strokes of classical overtures, “So Cold” and “Lovin Clubbin” have much in common, but even more differential components. It’s not surprising – Saro is that rare breed that creates with both sides of his brain. The listener, too, gets two very different reactions.

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Profusely skilled in creating film scores and compositions, Saro’s tally is over 900 registered songs with the SIAE (Italy) and ASCAP (USA). I’m guessing in the time it takes you to read this review, Saro has probably polished off yet another track. His recent accolades include two silver medals at the Global Music Awards, where his albums Sunsets 2, Passion and SensentionS all placed in the new age and classical genre.

In the track “So Cold” the male voice sings I wish you were here, you were here with me, I feel so cold, so cold (chorus). The weather report says it’s going to bad, the male voice mumbles, trailing off after report. I liked the singing most when you can clearly hear what he’s saying, but at times his voice does get jumbled up. It’s kinda cute and sexy. He definitely conveys a feeling of sadness and feeling hurt emotionally. The music bed starts out like falling snow, the piano keys bright when the flakes hit the cold ground. As expected, Saro’s music bed is full of motion and stirring rhythms. It’s like moving vapor, a chilly bond between the vocals and the music. This track takes you to a different place in your heart, and into your past. Fans of Gym Class Heroes (especially “Ass Back Home”) will get into the mood with this track.

“Lovin Clubbin” is a completely different vibe, but still possesses Saro’s exceptional music. Before the onslaught of ‘damn!”, the male vocalist swoons show me the moves, moves…she’s got her arms in the air…shaking that bootie, bootie. The music bed swerves and swarms at a higher tone and beat than “So Cold”. You make me wanna get freaky, he sings. This is the type of song perfect for a Saturday night at, you guessed it, the club. Fans of Nelly and Flo Rida (especially the song “Low”) will dig this beat and contagious lyrics. Saro’s linear music bed has a few circular flashes, but for the most part is a unique sonic blast. It’s a deliciously bumpin’ vibe that gets you ready to dance.

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The verdict? Both tracks call for different times. Saro, Agbessi, Siliotto have two hits on their hands. I can especially see “Lovin Clubbin” taking off as a must hear on the dance floor. It’s an infectious beat, the lyrics make you grin. If you’re in the mood for something a little slow, but still gets you out there moving and grooving, then “So Cold” is still a great choice. With such a significant resume already, Saro continues to keep his award-winning discography intact.

Garth Thomas

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