Comedian & Actor Marc Gordon Spoofs on Relevant Topics Today: Politics, COVID, Relationships, Job-Hunting, & More!

Comedian & Actor Marc Gordon masterfully develops and stars in some much needed real-world levity during these conflicting times. While Gordon has always shared an interest in politics, he also believes that the best way to have your message heard is not always the most ordinary.

Gordon is combining his extraordinary talents in comedy, music, and production to create a powerful message for mass visibility, attention, and a need for change.

Gordon’s mission is to use comedy to create awareness, educate people, andremove that blindfold to the hard-hitting topics, concerns, and conversations happening throughout the world today.

Gordon knows that it’s time to do his part by bringing laughter, light, greater understanding, and incite much-needed conversation about the most impactful global topics of today. Through his development of comedic spoofs that center on these topics, Gordon is taking an unforgettable approach, as he is a strong believer of inspiring
change collectively:

“We all have to come together in order to make changes.”

Most notably, Truth Hurts project is a concept that Gordon developed, in which he plays a character who is liberal but found more success playing a right-wing conspiracy theorist—pushing conspiracy theories to the brink of complete satire by showing actual clips and then ranting about them.

Separately, Gordon’s role was completely Improv in 1/2 New Year that drew attention as he played a friend and party-goer. This project focuses on 20- and 30-year olds who move to LA and find this new family out on most streaming platforms. Through jobs and relationships, they remain friends, but also experience some fractures in their relationships.

What’s more—Gordon is preparing for two new projects that are on hold due to COVID. Stay tuned for more and tap into his website to keep up to date on his projects and press by visiting: