Based on actual events the  film “Covid Karma” ‘   is an experimental documentary/ comedy about Indian filmmaker  Biju Viswanath being stuck in the USA for five months with a former firefighter turned pro wrestler Christopher Annino who suffers from PTSD, during a global pandemic. While in quarantine, Biju repeatedly attempts to make films, to cope with his anxiety. The filmmaking process teaches Biju about his own disabilities and the screwed-up ways karma works. 

The purpose of this film is to raise mental health awareness and promote the suicide Crisis lifeline and to remind those who suffer from anxiety and depression that they are not alone. The film won 29 International film awards including 9 best actor awards by Groton resident Christopher Annino, and four best supporting actor awards to Andrew Parella. The film is based on actual events. 

Premieres on September 11th at 6pm at Mystic Luxury Cinemas. There will be a brief Q and A after the film. Black Bear Karate Dojo in Stonington, CT will be doing a presentation on the benefits of Karate for mental health. The same dojo has assisted Christopher with his anxiety.    

At a young age Annino was diagnosed with severe neurological disabilities including Asperger’s syndrome, and recently PTSD. Despite his challenges he managed to graduate with an athletic and academic scholarship from Mitchell College in New London, CT, and graduated from the CT Fire Academy where he was a firefighter for seven years. 

At one point in his life Christopher Annino was homeless however he sought help from Sound Community Services  and as a result of their positive mental health programs he is now a successful actor, documentarian, and pro wrestler. He’s now living a longtime childhood dream of joining the legendary ECW tag team “The Pitbulls” as Pitbull # 3 with ECW original Pitbull #1 Gary Wolf. He is also a member of the Broadway Bounty Hunters lead by NWA legend Broadway Joe Malcolm and Angel Orsini of ECW. He is also engaged to his pro wrestling manager Renee Mancini and is the last person to win the NWA New England Brass Knuckles Championship. 

“Covid Karma” was filmed in various parts of Canada, India, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The film stars Comedian Rodney Norman,  Beehive Queen Christine Ohlman of the SNL Band, Joe Cocker’s guitarist Cliff Goodwin, Chris Bickley,  Kathy Steahle of the LGBT band (Sister Funk), Pro Wrestler’s Bobby Ocean, Dan DeMan, Jordyn Rowe, Slyck Wagner Brown (WWE/ Impact), ROH referee Gina Monti, International Opera singer Jurate Waller , NPC Champion Bodybuilder Melissa LoBianco, Geoff Blanchette, guitarist Kay Bauer, Elena Bright, and Sinthea Sinatra. The soundtrack was composed by World Kickboxing champion Devon Cormack.For all Press inquiries please contact [email protected]