Brothers Antonio and Darrell Anderson, founders of “A House Productions,” are celebrating their edgy and inspirational new clothing line:  THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE IN US. GOD DID.  GODDID’s mission is “to inspire and enlighten the world through their own testimonials with our global brand.” 

“A House Productions” owns the brand which is the only trademarked clothing apparel that holds this distinguished mark.  Although Antonio had the initial brilliance to trademark the slogan, it is truly a family affair.  His brother Darrell is his business partner; his oldest son Bryce Anderson is the brand designer and visionary for the brand styling;  his son Christian Anderson is the brand digital content producer, responsible for commercials, website design and social media; while his daughter Blaire Anderson, is the company’s lead model and social media content developer. 

Antonio had a vision to develop the brand while cutting the grass. He realized what we find in life is based on where we put all our attention. When we simply focus on the small twists and turns our thoughts create, we miss out on the beauty and possibilities we are meant to enjoy.

“While scrolling Instagram, I kept hearing ‘THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE IN US. GOD DID,’ over and over. I thought it was interesting coming from all the different places I was seeing.  Even though, I knew the saying was not new in the Christian community; I heard God tell me to check on the name. I heard his voice twice while cutting the grass.”….Antonio Anderson

He went back into the house and mentioned it to his youngest son Christian, who responded “Dad that will be a miracle.” It prompted Antonio to call his patent attorney who took it from there. The trademark was initially approved in July 2022 and all Antonio conceded is this: “GOD DID.” 

One of the most popular questions posed is what is meant by “THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE IN US. GOD DID?” His response is always. “Everyone on this planet has a dream or idea or just something they want to do in life. Maybe they want to get a college degree or start a business or get married or even be a superstar. There are always people in life who don’t want you to succeed but you have to remember the word of God states in James 1:17 ‘every good and perfect gift is from above’. 

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