The Shoot Your Shot Film Festival will be taking place from September 8th-11th, 2022 in Stone Mountain, Georgia. 

Shoot Your Shot Film Festival is a year-round program created by Lovizionz Media Centre INC. a media-based Nonprofit organization located in Atlanta, Ga. This program will end each year with an annual film festival. 

SYSFF is designed to teach and help content creators make quality content that will be impactful and influential. Through this program, they sponsor free classes like Photography 101, Video Camera Operations, Beginner Filmmaking skills, Onset etiquette, Entry level video editing, Acting, Directing, Distribution, and internships that will give students the opportunities needed to go out and make content for other people, companies, and organizations.

The Shoot Your Shot Film Festival Venue for September 8-11, 2022: 

The Atrium

5479 Memorial Drive

Stone Mountain, Georgia


Celebrity guests include Kevin Keater, Jonna Johnson, Terry Miles, Kam Talbott, Trae Dungy, Duece King, Myeshia Lynn Butler, Michael Neely, and  Dedric L. Thomas. 

The Shoot Your Shot Film Festival is sponsored by Lovizionz Media Centre Inc.

Lovizionz Media Centre Inc is here to serve the community exclusively for educational and training services for aspiring filmmakers, influencers, and creators. With the ultimate purpose of utilizing film production and media platforms to enhance and advance their skillsets, knowledge, career opportunities. 

Lovizionz Media Centre Inc is here to help make great content creators reach their maximum potential. We will do that by providing the equipment, knowledge, and/or funding needed for content creators who qualify to be great.

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